What we're about

Workshops Include:

• Tantra Games: What is Tantra? An introduction to experience a transmission of Freedom and Love

• Sacred Snuggle Party: Touching with Consent (all PG)

• Tantra Puja: Art of Adoration between the Feminine & Masculine

• Sacred Union: Deepening Intimacy for Couples

• Tantra Speed Dating: Meet Conscious Singles!

• Sacred Touch: Learn Elemental Massage of Air, Water, Fire, Earth & Spirit

• Sensual Healing: Yoni, Lingam & Sacred Spot [Couples Only]

• Shamanic Breath Work: Supercharge your Chakras!

• Shamanic Drum Circle: Journey through the Spirit & Underworld with Gabriela Gutierrez

• Butterfly Workshops: Special Guest Appearance by Laurie Handlers, International Tantra Teacher

• Cellular Transformation & Energy Healing: Special Guest Appearance by Jennifer Millar, Channel & Psycho-Spiritual Healer

• Local ISTA Training: International School of Temple Arts with Leading Visionaries


Are you ready to feel more energized and turned on in life?

Learn how to move from a place of neutrality and deficit into a person full of love. Meet other consciousness enthusiasts who are interested in holistic healing, transformational practices, and Tantra. The purpose of this group is to share a loving way for you to relate to your body, your emotions, and your life. This group is for anyone interested in interactive workshops, deep meaningful connections, and community building from the heart space. This group collaborates with Tantra, personal development, and consciousness practices. Delve into heart opening meditations, playful communication, energetic practices, conscious improv, and body language games. Exercises are created to inspire transparency, vulnerability, awareness and loving kindness.

From fun and sweet to deep spiritual work, we have a spectrum of variety in workshops! All skill levels are welcome. Participation is always optional. Choose your own adventure!


Is Tantra all about sex?

Absolutely not. Tantra works with sexual energy as creative life force energy to open up the chakras and manifest powerfully in your life. Tantra is a practice to help clear any blocks in your energy field, physical body, emotional body, and transmute it to magnetize your desires!

Tantric Practices include:

• Breathwork that self-generates energy

• Bringing your awareness into the present moment

• Empowerment to ask for what you want

• Deepening intimacy through conscious communication

• Sound, Breath & Movement... and more!


1. Root - Money & Family problems? Open this up!

2. Sacral - Your Sexuality & Creativity come from here

3. Solar Plexus - Your Personal Power Source, Learn to Listen to "Your Gut"

4. Heart - Upgrade Your Relationships through your Emotional Intelligence & Empathy

5. Throat - Speak Your Truth!

6. Third Eye - Align your Intuition and Ability to see the Big Picture

7. Crown - Vitality, Beauty & Profound Joy in Your Life



By joining this group and participating in workshops you agree to:

1. Own Your Sovereignty: Honor yourself. You are a sovereign adult, able to take care of yourself and are conscious of your choices and decisions. Be clear with your own boundaries & practice consent.

2. Co-create Safe Space: You will respect the workshop space and the people in it. You will do the best to navigate other people’s personal space and boundaries that may differ from your own. You will clean up after yourself and practice leaving no trace.

3. Beginner's Mind: You will bring a beginner’s mind to receive and experience what is being offered while maintaining your own self-discernments. Meaning, you will help create an environment for the benefits of the collective and hold your individuality in private.

4. No Violence: Upon participating, violence will not be tolerated. Any safety concerns will result in an immediate exit, subject to the facilitator's discretion.

5. Enjoy yourself ♡

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