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The Conscious Community is a "Soul Tribe" to support all of us in living spiritually awakened, enlightened, connected, conscious lives. We hope to attract a group of high level thinkers and creators committed to living an awakened, enlightened life, who want to meet on an on-going, regular basis to support this commitment and to build meaningful relationships and community.

Our desire is for it to be a diverse, conscious community; so please invite or forward this information to anyone that comes to mind!

Intentions and principles for our Conscious Community:

• We are each extensions of the Divine Power/Source Energy/Spirit Consciousness that created all that is, and is within all that is. Thus, all of those creative divine powers are within each of us; and we are all connected, all ONE, rather than just the small separate selves we tend to feel like. We are Spirit, here in these human forms, to create, express, expand, experience, and manifest through us, uniquely as us.

• We believe the world is in a very exciting precipice of growth and evolution right now; and the outer chaos that many are experiencing is the current cycle of growth and change that we're in. Perhaps more than ever, people need support not only in dealing with the chaos, but in their own evolving process.

• Our intention is to nurture and support one another in our personal and professional lives in creating miracles, in living mindfully and consciously within the paradigm of wholeness and oneness, and in living from the perspective of our greater Source/Spirit Selves, and effectively using those creative powers we all possess.

• We are committed to being aware of when we are slipping into thinking we are small, separate selves with little power. For example, are you experiencing any unforgiveness? Are you judging someone? Are you afraid of someone or something? Are you separating yourself in any way from your higher power and true Self?

• We wish to create a sense of belonging to a “Soul Tribe”. All humans thrive on real connection, acceptance, and intimacy. Our minds and bodies are profoundly affected by our interactions with those closest to us. We tend to become like those we hang out with. With few exceptions, we do best, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, when we are part of a tribe that values, fulfills and supports us in the highest way.

• It's all too easy to be pulled into the old paradigm of being. We are more likely to be our best, Whole selves when we support the new paradigm together.

• We intend to bring more love, peace and joy to the world by strengthening that within ourselves.

• We intend to learn from one another, to be a source of loving and uplifting energy, to build friendships and community that extend beyond our meeting times, and to have quality, meaningful time with like-minded souls (Soul Tribe) and enjoy each others' company!

We will firmly follow the guideline that there is no one truth, since it is an all inclusive Universe. Thus, we discourage speaking with language such as “you should”, or “you need to”, etc., or in giving advice/solutions. Simply share what you do, what you believe, and what works for you; speaking with “I” language, versus “You”.

How our meetup works:

What we do depends on member interests, and YOU! There will probably be a guided meditation each time. Gatherings are in person, and there is a Facebook group through which we can have discussions, share posts, and organize our events. Any member can suggest and offer a get-together related to the focus of our group through the Facebook Forum or by contacting Ann, the meetup organizer .

We encourage you to also become a member of the Facebook group, go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1255565391157379/ . Please contribute! (Please keep it related to the focus of our group, tho'.)

Hope you will join us in building our own local conscious community for growing, learning, laughing, raising our vibration, supporting each other,and contributing to the awakening we are in the midst of.

Supporting you in greater ease and joy, with a warm heart,

Ann and Mark Ide

We were previously the Metro West Law of Attraction meetup, but shifted our focus and intentions and name in Spring of 2017. If you believe in the law of attraction principles, you will probably enjoy this group, as well.

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Our new 8 week series: Doorways to the Soul

Roots and Wings Yoga and Healing ArtsCenter

CALLING ALL WHO WISH TO MOVE THRU THE DAY AS YOUR CALM, JOYFUL, LOVING SPIRIT-SELF Our newest Source-channeled, 8 week series: Doorways to the Soul To help you live more from the space of Spirit, to live a life filled with more abundance, inner peace, love, ease and JOY! Note: The meetup interface is limiting. For an easier read and more details, we've posted this on Mark and Ann's website here: http://www.newpossibilitiescoaching.com/doorways-to-the-soul.html Your Soul is the eternal part of you that is non-physical, Spirit consciousness and energy. It is the greater part of who you are. It’s Love! It’s Joy! It’s ease. It’s perfect health and well-being. It’s an inner calm and knowing. It’s acceptance. It’s the powerful, unlimited source of abundance and all creation! What would it be like to see, hear, feel, sense, think, speak and act more from this greater, unlimited perspective, rather than your smaller, survival, reactive, fear-based self? Would you like to have easy access to that, like simple Doorways to your Soul you can just open and step into? Even if you intellectually believe that you are more than just a physical human being, and that you are a Spiritual Being having a human experience, how much of the time do you actually live from this space, feel it, and experience it’s benefits? How often throughout your day do you react from your survival and fear-based self? For example, do you still worry or feel stressed more than you’d like? Do you feel anxious about your unfulfilled desires? Do you feel great when you meditate, but slip right back out as soon as you re-enter your “reality”? Is this the life you want to perpetuate? What are the potential costs of that? The potential losses? If these experiences occur more than you like, then perhaps it’s time to move beyond just an intellectual understanding, and move towards developing a deeper embodiment of your Spiritual beliefs, to live more fully from your Spirit-Self, your Soul. Learning about your Doorways to the Soul will make this more accessible to you. For us, this is the ultimate learning of all life’s learning, and the one with the most joy and positive impact in every area of your life. It can feel like the hardest, too! It takes place over time, in layers, as you gradually gain more and more clarity, learn more effective practices, and use them. We also typically have periods of chaos and regression as part of the cycle of growth. (We’ll discuss this in the program.) It’s quite a hero’s journey! So it really helps to have mentors, support and strategies. HOWEVER, even though it can seem challenging, when you learn to hold a higher perspective, it can all be a grand adventure, like the joy of playing a hard sport or game, AND, with the right practices, as well, it can be easier. In the Doorways to your Soul series, you'll learn effective strategies for using your body, your emotions, and your language to live more from your higher Spirit perspective, your expanded Self. By using these strategies: • challenges feel lighter and get resolved more easily, • you experience less stress even in the midst of challenges, and live more of your time in inner peace and joy, • you have more energy and health, • your relationships go more smoothly and are filled with more love, • you feel more safe in life, and confident in general that you can transform any experience that arises, and create what you desire, • you manifest desires more easily, including abundance, and • you have more FUN! I've run out of allowed characters in this meetup interface; so if you want to know more, please go to Mark's and my website where we've posted it for you here: http://www.newpossibilitiescoaching.com/doorways-to-the-soul.html PLEASE REGISTER BY EMAILING ME, AS WELL. Want to learn more about the series? Come to our free introductory evening on Feb. 19th, 7:00 -8:30 pm. Here's the link: https://www.meetup.com/Conscious-Community-Metro-West-MA/events/258096336/

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