What we're about

This group is for people who are spiritually “waking up” or becoming aware of their infinite connection to the universe. We know that sometimes this can be a lonely and scary process. This meetup will be a safe place to learn and share. We are welcoming to all levels of seekers, from the woke-ish curious newbie to the deeply grounded yogi. We can all learn from one other and help build a more conscious society, one mind at a time.
All is one. Good vibes and respect for the group are the only requirements. We are fostering a safe place for questioning everything and sharing experiences related to the methaphysical.

Our primary goal is to actively assist in raising the collective consciousness for woman, men and children.

Weekly meetups Interest:

*Self discovery
*Self healing
*Natural living
*Energy cleansing
*Current events

Upcoming events (2)

Group Meditation

Durham TBA

Let’s go within together. Join us for a guided group meditation (30 minutes). Following the meditation, the floor will be open for the discussion of any conscious conversation the group suggest. Current Topics of interest: Astrological transits Mindfulness Nutrition and consciousness Law of attraction Gardening Practices used to raise vibrations And a constant sharing of resources and books!! I look forward to this time.

NC Juneteenth event

Downtown Durham

Celebrate and learn the history of Juneteenth, which marks the end of slavery in Nc and the journey for “freedom”.

Past events (6)

Aries New Moon: Let’s Manifest!

West Point on the Eno Park

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