The Lean In Practice: Transform Conflict Into Connection (1st of 6 Part Series)

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Hey Conscious Couples!
We are excited to announce that we are offering a six part summer workshop series (you don't need to attend them all to get a huge benefit, come to whatever you can). The first workshop will focus on the Essential Element- "Grounding" (see below).

The Lean In practice allows couples to break the patterns that are not serving them (avoiding, distancing, dismissing, blowing up, etc.) and transform conflicts into connection. The challenges you have been leaning away from can actually be catalysts for the intimacy and bond that you desire!

Couples we work with experience better communication, the ability to respond vs. react, a sense of being on the same team (even when charged), and more emotional and physical intimacy as a result of this practice.

We invite you and your partner to come and start practicing Leaning In :)

Suggested Donation for each workshop is $15 pp.

*If you will be frequently out of town this summer, and aren't sure you can attend the upcoming in-person Meetups (or know an out of town couple that might benefit), we are doing a similar 6 part Online series, starting on July 10th.
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Begin charged conversations with intention and connection, using language that invites your partner to lean in.

Cultivate the courage to name your most vulnerable feelings. This kind of open heartedness builds your trust and bond with your partner.

Identify your deeper needs and desires and share them with your partner in a way that can be easily heard.

Acknowledge each person’s feelings, without necessarily sharing the same perspective. This allows you both to know you matter and the other person cares.

Empathize with the other person and ask follow up questions, which encourages them to reveal more about their internal world. By doing so, we create deep intimacy and connection with our partner.

Resolving conflicts or misunderstandings occurs naturally, as well as new creative solutions, once we have honored each other thoroughly and established that our connection is primary.