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Conscious Chief Aim meeting of Conscious Creators
Let’s not waste precious time and energy bracing up against what we don’t want to experience. Avoiding what we don’t want in life is not the same as progressing towards what we do. For example, we know we don’t want addiction or abuse but what do we want? It’s time to start leaning into our healthy desires! Without having a concrete aim in life, we become mired in habitual patterns of distraction, depression and addiction. In order to have true serenity, we must see ourselves progressing towards the realization of a chief aim in life. We focus our Chief Aim upon the fulfillment of three fundamental needs: Love, Intimacy and Creative Expression. LOVE: What are the qualities of love that you share with others right now? (Love’s Expression) For example, is your expression of love attentive or neglectful? inspiring or controlling? nurturing or abusive? INTIMACY: What are the qualities of the connections you share with others? For example, are they based on mutual fulfillment or suffering? Are they secure or insecure? Are they healthy or codependent? Are your connections actually attachments or entanglments? CREATIVE EXPRESSION: Are you presently creating a life that reflects your personal truth as it exists today? Or are you living a lie? Are you hiding your truth from the world and projecting a false image? If so, why? For example, are you an artist masquerading as an accountant? Are you living a hertosexual lifestyle despite being queer? Do you attend church without any spiritual connection? How are our unconscious actions undermining our conscious hopes and dreams? It is time to acknowledge and accept our present reality with compassion and kindness. No time for judgment. We must see objectively in order to surrender our investment in habit patterns that no longer serve us. Only then can we create space for the life unlived. Conscious Creators Copyright 2018 Retrocollective Publishing Group All Rights Reserved

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