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By creating diverse conscious events based on Truth, Beauty and Oneness, Conscious Events in South Florida is able to create that sanctuary where the seeker’s soul is allowed to soar free to find and experience their life’s passion and purpose.

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We are (again) happy to inform you that (again) we have set a future date for Deva, Miten and Manose’ return to Miami.

It will be on Saturday, May 21, 2022. The wait will have been worth it. We’re sure you know how healing the experience will be, for all of us!

World renowned chant artists Deva Premal & Miten with Manose offer a unique mix of the healing power of mantras from the East with heartfelt songs of awakening, creating space to center in the cyclone of daily events, to slow down, turn in, and come home to the deep peace of our inner spirituality.

They are accompanied by their great Temple Band, creating a rich soundscape which moves from gentle, slow inward rhythms to high energy dances and then returns to a deep, joyful silence - and everyone joins in the singing. As Deva and Miten note, there is "no performer, no audience - we all become one."

"As we sing we actually begin to clean our inner world. These mantras wash away the cobwebs and the darker corners of our being and bring rejuvenation and transformation." - Miten

"Mantras are sound medicine. The medicine works for all of us, no matter what culture we’re from, we all disappear into the chant - whether we’re in London, Moscow, Miami, Tel Aviv, or Rishikesh - it always feels like this."
-Deva Premal

Please note:

We are very grateful for the patience you have shown during these trying times. We will get through this together and we very much look forward to singing and chanting together again very soon!

Thanks for all WE are.

Please visit our website for continual updates: www.StopBreatheAndSmile.org

Have you checked out Deva and Miten's Gayatri Sangha App? It's a gathering place for spiritual connection, meditation, mantra, songs, music and celebration.

Here's the link for more info: https://devapremalmiten.com/app-6/

Here are a couple other links to deva, miten and manose' Facebook pages:


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