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The Authentic Woman You Are (Free Online Series)

Online event

Inviting you to a FREE online event (for the ladies). My friend Jennifer Ackad is hosting The Authentic Woman You Are online series. I'm one of the speakers! Register (for free) at: http://bit.ly/AW-CourtneyFaeLong We are sharing our paths, stories, gifts, tools and medicine with you, and together we want to support you to listen to the wisdom of your body and live in alignment with your Deepest Desires. Here are some subjects that we cover : - How the body speaks and how it is hiding the gifts you came here to bring - How to step in your Authentic power and unleash your sacred fire - How to break free from the boxes, conditionings and beliefs that are limiting you - How to align with your soul purpose to birth your highest soul level body of work - How to light your sexual fire to unleash your authentic self - How to awaken to your primal and intrinsic nature, connected to your intuition and your gifts - How to connect your heart and womb to Mother Earth, opening up to your feminine receptive essence - How to use your womb bleeding cycle as a transformation tool to journey into your power & authenticity - How to be with presence and pleasure with the body to release traumas and reclaim your sovereignty - How to be in partnership as allies and co-creators, empowering each other - And much more These conversations are profound, real, open and transparent, and bring many diverse topics to the table bridging our day-to-day reality to the mystery of the divine, embodying the Authentic Woman You Are. If you feel ready to live a life owning up to what you know is true for you, connected to intrinsic energy, nature and gifts, it’s a ‘not-to-miss’ one. Watch, listen, and learn more by JOINING this FREE event. Register (for free) at: http://bit.ly/AW-CourtneyFaeLong

Happiness Meditation for Peace, Joy and Health an Online Event !!!

Join us for a special evening of Meditations and connection. The Happiness Meditation is a powerful transmission of energy during a closed eye meditation that can induce Awakened States. The Happiness Meditation produces the following benefits: Silence Happiness Peace Improved health Auspicious events and occurences that contribute to health, wealth, relationships Family members and friends also benefit To join the happiness meditation today at 7:00 PM click on the zoom link below: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/3822523374?pwd=dFRWdDlrSkZkOHZHdWQ4bFlZbkRyQT09 click on link to join zoom meeting. We will start with OM Meditation and chanting the sound of OM. As you chant OM A-U-M you are experiencing the all in everything. It is said that the sound of Aum includes the entire process of sound and all other sounds are included within it. Therefore, Om is called the seed sound (bija), the original sound from which all other sounds and worlds come from. This is why Om is said to represent God, Brahman, Source, Universal Consciousness. Because it has the power to create everything. When chanting Om aloud, the sound will naturally evolve through the three phases corresponding tot the three letters A-U-M. Like the experience of OM as a sense of completeness and pure consciousness, the three syllables are not distinct or separate phases, but a continuous motion of the body, breath and awareness. Click here to listen to the New OM Meditation Song: https://youtu.be/zfUa_l_Qo18

Loving & Spiritual Support Group - By Zoom

Susan DuFault's Zoom https://zoom.us/j/2593504818

PLEASE NOTE: You will need a password to join our Zoom meeting. Please message Susan at[masked] if you do not have it. Also, groups are generally well-attended. Do NOT evaluate RSVP’s as most attendees do NOT RSVP in advance . Please do join us! Thank you! WOULD YOU LIKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO… • Feel more love, support and connection in your life? • Be in the presence of others who can hold space where you can rest your heart and have your soul replenished? • Transition your thoughts from fear to peace? • Learn to give and receive unconditional love? JOIN US BY ZOOM https://zoom.us/j/2593504818 FOR… • A chance to share about yourself and your life in a safe place. • Life-changing information about how to love yourself and others. • An opportunity to embrace Universal and/or your own Spiritual Truths. • Time with other individuals who share your desire to grow, heal and make a difference in the world. WHAT TO EXPECT… A trained and experienced Life Coach will facilitate the flow of the two-hour group which includes… • Reading Guidelines about Love and Spirituality • An opportunity to provide a brief check-in (An update or introduction about yourself). • Time for sharing, with facilitation from the host, about current challenges and/or successes. • A moment to check out at the end of group (Speak to how you are feeling or what you have learned). ALL PARTICIPATION IS OPTIONAL – Come to check out the group - no pressure to participate - see if it is for you! Participants are welcome to join late or leave early as their schedule dictates. Love offerings gratefully accepted. Call or text Susan DuFault, ULLC, with questions[masked]


Rising Phoenix Spiritualist Church and Metaphysical Community

Wouldn’t it be great to know what your animal family member is thinking? Or to be able to connect with a beloved pet that has crossed over? Join me for a time of messages, inspiration, healing, and connection from the realms of Spirit! I will connect with you and your animal to discover their needs and desires for health and healing. This could include their desire for physical and/or emotional energetic healing, entity removal, mediumship, and facilitation between you and your animal to create a space for understanding, learning, and loving. * Please bring a PHOTOGRAPH of your animal, not everyone is guaranteed a reading. For questions or additional information please message me here, or text me at[masked] or email me at [masked]. Love Donation Taken

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