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Ongoing Greatness Circle meets at Mystical Myporium. Start at 12pm - usually runs about an hour. About 6 to 12 people attend.

3415 W Thunderbird Rd, Phoenix AZ, 85053 SE corner of Fry's center at Thunderbird and 35th Ave

Host for this group: Gale (602)[masked]

How a Greatness Circle Works
The purpose of the Greatness Circle is to each share our greatness by relating an event, situation, or current happening in our life where we recognize that we demonstrated greatness. The situation does not have to be a big thing or even something that is important to anyone else. For example, recently I honored my greatness for "staying in the present" when I found that the airfare I was searching had gone up. My greatness manifested as openness to exploring other options and remaining centered and balanced.

The "reset function
If at anytime someone is straying away from the guidelines, any member of the group can say "reset" to get back on track. Even the person who is sharing can reset themselves. The reset takes the form of someone saying "reset" or making a group agreed upon hand motion.

Guidelines for Greatness Circle
These guidelines are used both when one is sharing their own greatness and also when one is reflecting back greatness to someone else that has shared.

No advice (this is not a counseling session)
No giving energy to past failures...stay in the success of NOW!
No relating the other person's story to ourselves..i.e."I know how you feel, that has also happened to me." It is ONLY about the person sharing their greatness.
No giving one's self negative energy to make other person feel better... i.e. "Oh you are handling this so much better than I would." etc.
After the person sharing hears their greatness reflected, they breathe it in to ensure download. How? Take a deep breath inhaling what was said...exhale the greatness out to the world.

Something to try: (if the group is not too large) After person has shared greatness and others have reflected that greatness, the person who shared says what they heard in brief and breathes it in...i.e. "I heard you say that I have courage and insight..."

What we have learned in more than a year of Greatness Circles: We have created a safe place to practice being open and sharing our true selves. That safe place comes with us whether we are around someone's kitchen table or in a restaurant or coffee shop. We have learned that openness is a strength that leads to intimacy and deeper connection. These results carry over into all our relationships.

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