What we're about

This is a group meetup for people interested in discussing and exploring all things related to consciousness and metaphysics. Some of the topics communally circulated include (or relate to): esotericism, occultism, mysticism, gnosticism, hermeticism, astrology, Qabalah, psychology, ethics, Alice Bailey's material, the Soul and Higher Self, karma, aliens/UFOs, angels, ascended masters, psychic phenomena/channeling, divination, densities/dimensions of consciousness, duality/poarity, chakras, healing, etc. (If there's a topic that wasn't listed that you're wondering if we might discuss, feel free to inquire!)

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Astro "Round Table"--Esoteric Focus on Jupiter

"Astro Lounge"

Monthly astrology gathering where Nathaniel holds space to discuss and share any and all topics pertaining to "stellar" domain of Life, complete with all its archetypal significances ;)

Once any explorations initiated by the group are exhausted, attention towards Jupiter will be the informal focus for the gathering, which will cover anything and everything, as time allows, related to this one planet's symbolism and working in the realm of astrological study.

Everyone is encouraged to raise any questions they'd like, related to the gathering's focus or otherwise, in order to make the experience as organically meaningful and personalized as possible. (For example, anyone familiar with their own chart is welcome to pose questions related to positions or elements they know to be present, in order to gain new perspective on such.)

In exchange for the time, energy, and information made available for any community members who show up to this "open house" format of educational immersion, complete with complimentary answers to any astrological questions--personal or otherwise--posed, a love donation of at least $5 is requested from each attendee :)

If this would be your first time gathering with us (in Burlington, NC), please introduce yourself to Nathaniel for the address, which is only provided to those who are expected after communicating an interest in attending ;)

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Meet Rose (the LoveBalming heARTavist)

This event has passed