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This is a group meetup for people interested in discussing and exploring all things related to consciousness and metaphysics. Some of the topics communally circulated include (or relate to): esotericism, occultism, mysticism, gnosticism, hermeticism, astrology, Qabalah, psychology, ethics, Alice Bailey's material, the Soul and Higher Self, karma, aliens/UFOs, angels, ascended masters, psychic phenomena/channeling, divination, densities/dimensions of consciousness, duality/poarity, chakras, healing, etc. (If there's a topic that wasn't listed that you're wondering if we might discuss, feel free to inquire!)

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Grounding with Mother Earth and Healing with Angels (Meditation and Guidance)

WHAT IS IT? After some time discussing the angels & their roles/natures, you will be guided on a journey to connect your energy deep down into Mother Earth & all the way up to a group of Healing Angels. Once this connection is established, you'll then be both grounded to Mother Earth & closely connected to the Healing Angels. During this healing session, Jennifer will connect to 10 Healing Angels, Mother Earth’s energy as well as other light beings such as Nature Angels & the Keepers of the Earth. Collectively, this team of light will help cleanse your entire energy field of lower vibrational cords, thoughts, emotions & energy attachments. Following the meditation, there will be time to receive messages from the angels & enjoy some extended discussion. WHY DO IT? Highly-sensitive people, like Lightworkers, Earth Angels, Empaths, & Starseeds can keep their energy in their upper chakras, never fully connecting to Earth. This is partly due to not fully feeling connected with the dense 3D energy on planet Earth. Therefore, when you fully connect your energy to the Earth you feel more grounded, supported, stable, protected, nurtured & loved. Benefits: -Fear/anxiety decrease. -Replace confusion & overwhelm with clarity, confidence, & focus -Release the toxic emotions & thoughts that empaths may naturally absorb via others. HOW DOES IT WORK? Grounding is a Root chakra function. The more you strengthen your Root chakra, the more strength & stability you will see in your life, as a strong Root chakra feeds the other chakras above it. A healthy Root chakra allows you to ground your energy to the Earth, allowing you to more easily take consistent action towards the callings from your heart & soul. Also, opening up your chakras in this way between the Angelic realm & the Earth, allows energy to move through more freely, so you can share your light with others & the Earth more easily. This helps you expand your abilities as a Lightworker, so after continued practice & self-healing, it can expand your ability to help heal the Earth. (Note - Set an intention for the evening. For example, something you’re working on moving past or something you’re manifesting. The meditation will help ground your intention, so you can more easily take the necessary steps to reach it. In the last half of the event, there will be time to ask the angels questions.) ****$20-$30 suggest for energy exchange--sliding scale accepted, but no one will be turned away**** ~ About Jennifer ~ Jennifer Paquin is an Angel Channel & highly-sensitive empath who is passionate about helping others align with their highest self by finding their inner truths & claiming their personal power, so that they can confidently & courageously express themselves & feel fulfilled while following their Life Purpose! Jennifer first noticed her channeling gifts through singing & writing at an early age, but when she realized she was able to channel Angels, her life changed drastically. She realized the Angels were giving her signs & messages & she began listening. Jennifer began a self-love healing journey in 2014, healing herself of adrenal exhaustion, learning about & healing trauma from multiple abusive relationships, & released or transformed toxic/abusive relationships in her life. During this time, she became certified in multiple healing modalities, opening up her ability to channel even more & include healing energies from the Angels & Ascended Masters Jennifer is attuned to Usui, Karuna & Lightarian Reiki. In addition, she is a certified Master Healer in the Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing system channeled by St. Germain & an Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor. She also completed an Intuitive Healer Mentorship program with a Master Healer Instructor certified in 14 modalities & over 20 years of experience facilitating healing sessions for her clients. Like & follow Jennifer on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/JenniferPaquinFreeAngel

Astrology of Relationships

"Astro Lounge"

Just in time for Valentine's Day, this event is designed to explore the different ways that relationships (of all different types, not necessarily just those of the romantic sort) can be more deeply contemplated via astrology. We will primarily examine the nuances of synastry charts and composite charts, while focusing on some of the major facets to take note of when considering how two energetic signatures relate and blend. We will also zoom in on what particular planets and houses to consider for various elements of a relationship, as well as identifying major themes present for the interaction. Everyone that plans to come is encouraged to bring a laptop, tablet, or smartphone so as to setup and/or access a free account for creating astrological charts, in order to explore the concepts live as they pertain to each person. For such, everyone that comes should know their birth date, as well as their location and time of birth if possible. (The more of such that can be provided, the more specific the chart that can be worked with.) Additionally, everyone should come prepared with the birth information for a significant person in their life (romantic partner, business partner, sibling, parent, child, family member, competitor, etc.) to compare with your own personal chart. (Those that need a paper copy of these charts will need to provide the information to Nathaniel at least a day in advance to ensure that such can be provided.) While there is no set charge for this meeting, and no one will be turned away, there is a recommended energy exchange of $10-30 for each participant to help support the group and provide for the time and energy of hosting/facilitating the event. (P.S. If this is your first time gathering with us, contact Nathaniel for the physical address. Also, while the end time is "set" for 9:30pm, we may sometimes continue past that as inspired, and we often enjoy to "carry-over" lingering discussion by socializing at Brixx Pizza [1/2 price Pizza and appetizers at 10pm!], so feel free to leave whenever you need, but also feel free to stay around to hang out as inclined ;) )

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Channeling Arya with Stephanie Massengale

"Astro Lounge"

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