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This group is for those who have a dream of a better tomorrow – a better life and a better world – yet are facing overwhelming challenges today as they have faced yesterday, without knowing how to overcome them…but it doesn't have to be that way. Imagine finding practical physical and spiritual tools and techniques to breakthrough to success and abundance, imagine finding what really matters in life and finding your purpose, imagine figuring out what is holding you back, imagine tapping in and connecting to your higher self. Truth is that you cannot do it alone, or by sitting on your chair waiting for change. Let's meet monthly – join me in navigating to the life of your dreams.

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Carole Aileo Ha'la Ramsay

Have you felt at some point in your life that you WERE "living your dream"?

With so much going on in the "outer world" – and there always is so much noise and hustle bustle – we tend to place more importance on what we see, hear, feel and touch. Consequently, we forget about our own truth.

Our truth is what makes us happy - not what makes our spouse, kids, parents, employers, etc. happy .... but "M-E".

Yes, what makes you happy? It may have been years since you've thought about this, right?

With the energies intensifying with every Full Moon, Eclipse, etc., our belief system is being challenged so that more Light can access our mind, cells, DNA, and more.

It's time to declutter so that you can utilize the magnificent energy of abundance that is all around you to move through you as you and create easily, effortlessly!

Join me to raise your frequency so you can LIVE YOUR DREAM!

Infinite Blessings and Magical Hugs!

Carole Aileo Ha’la Ramsay
Carole Aileo Ha'La Ramsay, Ba. Div., RTM, is a Spiritual Counselor, “Energy Expert”, born empath and fully sentient - medium, healer, remote viewer, and more.

Carole has helped many people find their own answers, becoming their own guru. She teaches Usui Reiki and other Energy transformative modalities; mentors Star Seeds and Pure Spirits experiencing a human life. Her expertise is with people experiencing major life changes, i.e., health, work, grief, etc.

She regularly holds healing/message/prosperity circles – live in Fort Lauderdale and virtual ZOOM, and is available for private or group sessions in person, phone, Skype, by appointment only.

Carole has helped hundreds of people worldwide to awaken to their own answers and to their Light.

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Join us Sunday, August 1st at 12:15 PM on Zoom
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