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Anastasia Emmons CHT will guide you through a deep state of relaxation using effective hypnosis techniques bypassing the critical mind thus gaining access to the powerful subconscious mind where patterns, behavior, addictions, and memory from this lifetime and past lifetimes is stored. Once in the realm of the subconscious mind new reprogramming can happen, new goals can be planted as well as key information can be gained.
Each meeting will have a topic. Also, free monthly online hypnosis sessions are available where you can experience connecting with your subconscious mind from the comfort and safety of your home.

It is an honor to be of assistance in the collective journey of self-discovery and healing.

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Free Guided Hypnosis Session- Peace And Relaxation

Online event

Free Guided Hypnosis- Releasing Pain

Online event

FEE Guided Hypnosis- Difficult Relationship

Online event

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