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FREE! GO TO: and get your free first three chapters. You may have heard some anecdotal advise about your Language. Things like... What you say is what you get. You reap what you sow. Your words create your reality. The limits of your language are the limits of your world. In Bob's book, Conscious Language, The Logos of Now, he brings understanding to how our language creates our reality, and offers practical tools for making a shift to Your Conscious Human Operating System. Right now there are study groups all around the country using this book to upgrade their Language, their consciousness and themselves. Today you can get the first 3 Chapters of Conscious Language, completely FREE. Get the first three chapters here: When you get the download and you've had a chance to go through it, send us a quick email and let us know what new understandings and shifts you've made as a result. Share it with your friends, your clients, and your community. Be instrumental in creating change on our beloved planet.

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    Our Group is based on Robert Tennyson Stevens book "Conscious Language, The Logos of Now" We meet and view Bob's Teachings on Conscious Language and Imagination Activation via DVD. We learn how to speak from our heart and how to choose our highest choice. We come into the understanding that the power of life and death is in the tongue. Pure speech has returned to our planet. Jump on board and Play the game of life with us. Mastery of ourselves begins with using Conscious Language™. Imagine installing on your inner “heart drive” a new Conscious Human Operating System which keeps you aware and awake to self-sabotage before it can act. Imagine a human computer virus checker which finds all those pesky viruses and limiting beliefs, lies, doubts and agreements with limitation and offers each limitation to your awareness for upgrading. The virus is called the Babel Virus. The upgrade is called Pure Speech (Conscious Language™).

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