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YOUR THRIVING LIFE IS CALLING YOU! Heed the call, take action and join me in THRIVING in our CONSCIOUS LIVES on our thriving planet.
on September 12 - September 15, 2013 at Edgar Cayce's Houston Center, 7800 Amelia Road, Houston, TX 77055

Robert Tennyson Stevens will be here in Houston to give one of his most powerful courses to date and it is called "ALL FOR YOU".

"As you may know, being a coach requires a certain level of confidence and practice. The secret to coaching that most people don't know is... all coaching is self-coaching. Any good coach has mastered the techniques they are sharing and is so inspired to share what they use because of their own amazing personal transformation.
Imagine this: Being able to shift your own perspective of life by having the tools to transform any limiting belief or block that shows up with Grace and ease. What if you could make a series of simple shifts in your beliefs and habits to experience exactly what you choose? What if you finally had the confidence to get the job you always dreamed of? How about attracting your ideal mate?

If you're ready to make this personal transformation and finally give yourself the life you deserve, read on.

What is Really required to make this transformation?

First is the awakening of your original, Divine Operating System already installed on your Heart Drive. I call it Conscious LanguageTM, Scripture calls it “Pure Speech”. When you experience the exacting creative power of each word and begin to make new choices, the next step is activating your Creative Imagination, the rudder of your ship. After vividly imagining now its time to discover and master the transformational and reshaping power of Love, upgrading and revising old, limiting situations into thriving patterns while keeping heart center focused, instead of the duality swings of right or wrong.

Just like a new software program will have technology requirements, so does upgrading your Conscious Human Operating System. The difference is your Human System has attitude and consciousness requirements...

Your Commitment to Succeed
Your Enthusiasm to Consciously Co-Create your life
Your Courage to face your limitations and reverse and revise them into your Victory
The good news is these 3 requirements are inherent in the framework of each level of instruction. Grabbing the rudder of your own ship and discovering how to guide yourself to your destination is what we will show you how to do.

Your own words, body language, life and situations reveal your hidden agreements awaiting upgrades. Having a Map and compass and a way to direct yourself from the genius of your own Heart is what we invite you to remember.

The Structure of the Course

The format of this course meets you where you are. The first portion, Mastery Systems Life Coaching The Foundation, is on line so you can join us from the comfort of your own home. Until now, Mastery Systems Core Courses were only offered in person... now you can join us from anywhere and receive massive upgrades for your Conscious Human "Operating System."

In this course you will discover the language (operating system) you have been using contained self-sabotage and with the simple techniques of Mastery Systems Life Coaching, revise and reverse the limiting nature of your life. Reshape it into your thriving life with ease and Grace.

The second portion of the course is the 3 and a half day LIVE Immersion "All for You" to practice your newly found skills in the midst of a Master Coach and other Mastery Systems Trained coaches. Imagine the amount of wisdom present in this room you will have access to. All coaching is self-coaching. The best way to help others is to Master something for yourself first. Think of the air mask in the airplane... If you have traveled on a plane you know (yes that little speech before each flight)... in case of emergency, make sure your mask is on before helping any one else. In these 3 1/2 days, you will gain practical experience to use these tools in your daily life, then move on to help others when you are ready.
Where do I fill it in on my Calendar?
Houston,TX : September 12 - September 15, 2013
Please join us in HOUSTON!Or if you choose to take it elsewhere, here are other dates and cities:
San Rafael, CA : August 22 - August 25, 2013
Los Angeles, CA : August 29 - September 1, 2013
Austin, TX : September 5 - September 8, 2013

Now, before you come and see for the live event, first you will have a deep dive training with the core principles of Mastery Systems Technologies.

This is the Foundation.
Part 1: Mastery Systems Life Coaching - The Foundation (ON LINE)

In our on line training series you will experience and practice the Foundational Technologies of Mastery Systems Life Coaching. This course includes 3 Modules. Each session is full on delivery of information with massive support from our Team. The online portal is interactive and the comments post directly to FB. Our past participants loved having access to such an amazing resource. Something I have learned over these many years... Team Support is essential.

Here are just SOME of the "Highly Spiritual, Very Practical" tools we'll cover

Each module is rich in experience. The best part is it's all in one place. At any time you require a refresher you can log on and access our "transformation portal"!

Module 1 - The Creative Power of Language

Ploughing up hidden Limiting Language Patterns Exercises
Recognizing and utilizing "Alignment Signals" for your New Choice Exercise.
Exercise to advance your skill in listening and hearing your Hear t's Directing Voice.
Internal dialogue, what it is and how to stop it.
Knowing the difference between internal dialogue (the agreement with imperfection) and Conscious: Prayer, Decree, and Affirmation. Tune your frequency to become magnetic to your Heart's top priority.
The error of “saying it right” vs. expressing with Love (encompass the duality of “right” and “wrong” language and speak from your Heart).
Know the instant self-sabotage is acting and what to do about it.
Move from reaction (less than love) into action (with love) in your thought, word and feelings.
Access your great “I AM” with simple, tactical Language maneuvers.
Have a system to check and verify your new choice by the confirmation of your tone, breath and body signals.
Realize repeating patterns are really just your own inherent strengths yet to be claimed.

Module 2 - Effective Imagineering

Imagination plays a key role in removing the effort in replacing, revising, reversing and restoring our new choice. Imagineering is engineering through our Activated Conscious Imagination and along with Conscious Language™ produce stellar results in easily re-manifesting our life situations.

As simple and fun as this step appears, there are many facets to ensuring our creative success. You may remember the 3rd video in the series where Jeff masterfully utilized this tool.
What is True Imagination?- creating something new and outside your box. And what is just moving things around inside your box. This is a powerful distinction.
The Imagination Activation™ Sequence. Recognize where you are in consciousness, and how to apply the "aikido move" to transform it all.
Questions and segues for shifting to already having what you desire.
Body and breathe signals as confirmation of agreements from your sub-conscious self.
Outcome Mapping and Imagineering for success. Create the map of your world in a few simple steps.
Discover your power to manifest with ease.
Experience partnering with your Great Self Consciously. Activate the "Genie of your Genius."
Maintain harmony as old limitations change while you are imagining from your outcome already achieved.

Module 3 - Graceful Transformation

By applying Conscious LanguageTM and Imagination ActivationTM techniques, your world will begin to change. Your Old Self begins to meet Your New Self. Struggle meets Ease. Fear meets Faith. Lack meets plenty. Limitations meet opportunity. The old only gives way to the new when Love is present, when you are fully and completely present. You, in your True Identity are I AM.

How to engage a pattern of limitation, and find the true Seed of Light within it.
Prove to yourself “Your Greatest Weakness is Your Greatest Strength”.
The power of making, keeping and recommitting to your own High Agreements.
Use The Five Actions for Engaging Current Consciousness, LOVE, TOUCH, BREATHE, STAY, AND FEEL in facilitation and make what seems to be catastrophic, inconsequential.
A very powerful set of skills, tools and techniques to reverse anything into what it is meant to be.
Changing your center of awareness from being the effect to being at Cause.
You will have the opportunity to Integrate Language, Thought and Feeling as a code you can successfully change at any time.
Awaken the difference between a short term resolution and a complete life transformation creating real change in your life that lasts.

Part 2: Mastery Systems Life Coaching Immersion - "All for You"

"Over the decades of actively facilitating individuals into their own Heart, and offering Instructor, Facilitator, Coaching Events, I now understand a new and profound Truth. All Coaching is Self-Coaching. All Facilitation is Self-Facilitation. Each person I guide will be best served by giving them their own powerful, transformational experiences first in this new long range quantum shift coaching technique" Robert Tennyson Stevens

“All For You” is designed to fully feed and nourish each student from within. The Masterful Coach is one who is great at coaching themselves. Being fully fed is essential in fully feeding someone else. Being fulfilled myself helps those around me feel fulfilled. “Ye Shall Know Me By The Fruit Of My Labor.”

Whether you are new to our system or a many year graduate, the "All For You" is designed to give new experiences of Mastery Systems Life Coaching, revealing the powerful short throw upgrade and the life changing long throw, long range, complete situation quantum upgrade. In the many years of teaching, most students, whether they realize it or not, are there for their own personal shifts and our first 5 days of Live, In Person Event is all about it. SOME of what you will gain in this immersion:

Discover the Code of Consciousness in your own Language and how to read what your Spirit is calling for.
Find what is acting in 3 words or less.
Understand how to engage and transform stumbling blocks into building blocks.
Engage and awaken your Imagination Genie with a few simple questions.
Open up a high speed communication link with the rest of you through Sacred Body Language Translations.
Experience the deep security of making and keeping Agreements within yourself.
Taste the short range upgrades of simple and effective Mastery Systems Tools and Technologies and the long range upgrades when they are linked in sequence.
REALIZE YOU hold all the Keys for your own THRIVING on every level"

JOIN US in Houston,TX : September 12 - September 15, 2013 for one of the most profound course ever taught to date by Robert Tennyson Stevens.

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May we all be permanently victorious in our thriving lives!
I'll see you soon! Feel my love and support!