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Living in the modern, established world, and developing an honest, relevant, and natural life is often something to be longed for and difficult to acquire; there are many aspects of common daily living that, often not considered, do not serve you, your community, or the global environment very well... while now, through our engaging group meetings, exciting events, and illuminating presentations we'll share the wonderful journey of expanding conscious awareness, creating a more relevant lifestyle, and enjoying healthful nourishment. Collectively, the offerings of our Meetup events will include a diverse array of elements incorporated within a more broadly synthesized body of knowledge based on Universal truths and which are personally initiated through the emergent life practices that we'll focus on. Food-Prep Workshops & Potlucks: healthy recipes, whole-foods, relevant ingredient sourcing, vegan, raw, vegetarian, baking, salads, smoothies, and more! Detox and Healing Therapy Education: juicing, digestive cleansing, disease management, cellular repair, natural cures, environmental medicine, and more! Global Awareness: presentations, documentaries, educational information, shared resources, cooperative community networks... (topics such as - ecology, environmentalism, consumerism, cultivation, economy, lost civilizations, social trends, etc.) Other Activities and Events: yoga, mindful treks, skill sharing workshops, organic gardening workshops, compost management, homestead introduction, food preservation, and more! With so much to be offered, we're eager to create opportunities for community sharing and growth. We're excited for you to join us, bring friends and family, offer insights and suggestions, and grow!

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