What we're about

We're a conscious community of spiritually based (and grounded) men in the San Diego area committed to becoming more aware of our limiting patterns, releasing those patterns, and stepping into our greatest Truth.

We're committed to a healthy balance of our divine masculine and divine feminine energies so we can move through the world with ease, confidence, and power. Life doesn't have to be hard. It doesn't have to be a constant struggle. Let it be easy by aligning to your true nature.

We're committed to show up more powerfully for the planet and its healing, aliging to our greatest service and not holding back out of fear.

And to holding safe, sexy powerful space for women to express ALL of who they are and to RECEIVE ALL of who they are, without agenda or strategies. We release what's been in the way of having the intimacy and partnerships we truly want.

And we're committed to fostering our connection to Spirit while remaining grounded in the Earthly plane (not utilizing spiritual practice as a way of bypassing our mission but as a support to live our mission more effectively).

Why? So we can welcome in more space and ease in our life while creating greater abundance and impact. So we can attract our dream sex life and relationships. And so we can be more present and at peace.

How? By remembering at a deep level the challenges and purpose we scripted for ourselves while in the Astral Plane. By transmuting karma, challenge, and wounding into Light ... for us and for all of our brothers and sisters.

By learning to feel and express our emotions in a healthy (and sexy) way. By learning to be more present for our lives, service, and intimate partners. So we can stop working so hard to prove ourselves, "get it right", and achieve results, letting go of the unhealthy masculine grip we've been conditioned to hold onto.... and learning to utilize our masculine energy in a healthy way.

And we make these shifts at a foundational, energetic, spiritual level that lasts using Shamanic, Spiritism, Taoist, and Mental/Emotional strategies and tools that get at the root of the conditioning... as a brotherhood, supporting and being supported. We learn and embody ancient and modern wisdom alike for lasting sustainable shifts in our lives.

Most importantly, we do this as a united brotherhood, collaborating with and supporting each other. Learning and growing together. Pushing our edges and breaking through fears together. Discovering together that our deepest service AND deepest fulfillment comes from simply BEing who we're truly designed to be, without all the gunk from our childhoods, ancestors, and past lives.

We work at the intersection of Magic and Science. Of Quantum Physics and Eastern Philosophy. Of Human and Spirit.

If this resonates with you, you've found your brotherhood.

We look forward to having you as part of the group and getting to know you through our events,

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"Integrity" Men's Circle - Conscious Men United

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"King Archetype" Men's Circle - Conscious Men United

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