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Hello beautiful Souls! Alchemy of Dance is returning to Hong Kong after GITNBHK Conscious Festival in April'19!

COME join us at this fun full day intuitive movement / healing workshop designed to create awareness, trust & freedom for inward connection with self and outer connection with one and other. This is an authentic relating and intuitive movement practice that incorporates meditation, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, dance, EQ, imagination & visualisation.

What you will learn from this personal transformational experience during this full day workshop?

- intention setting & accountability practice
- conscious community circle practice & ground rules
- authentic relating practice
- embodiment movement games
- self identity exploration
- intuition activation exercises
- emotional freedom to explore & express
- increase confidence to dance & interact with others
- increase awareness and listening to our inner being, body intelligence, mental & behavioural habits
- increase ability to connect with others
- hold space for yourself and other
- confidence to improvise in a co-create interactive process

This is a co-creation space for us to transmute fear & limitations into trust and connection within movement, contact and interaction with others, in dance & in every day life. Session will end with a shamanic sound journey to integrate change deep into the sensory mind-body systems, follow by final closing with a community integration circle sharing.

This full day workshop will be facilitated by certified NLP life & health coach, Contact Beyond Contact Facilitator, Nicole Yau.


(or come with a friend @ HKD950/person)



> For anyone want to connect with themselves & their body at a deeper level
> For anyone looking for a safe space to communicate, connect & be with like minded people in a mindful & meaningful ways
> For anyone thinks they can't dance but wants to dance
> For anyone who are new to Contact Improvisation/Ecstatic Dance, or just want to experience more conscious dance
> For people who is looking for a fun & safe platform to be their inner child & free spirit self
> For people who enjoy movement, dance & healing of all modalities & explore further in their free self expression
> For people who feels isolated and looking for an authentic community to feel 'at home'
> For friends & families who wants to take a break from technology and be fully present
> For people who want to learn more about themselves and how to relate with others to create fulfilling & deep relations.
> For people who believe in making the change in this world for a better tomorrow
> For artists, healers, therapy practitioners, psychologists, yoga, chi gong and martial arts practitioners, dance therapists, shamans, counsellors and people who are involved in community work would like to connect & deepen their practices and expand as a collective community.

To make this workshop safe and comfortable for everyone, please take note of following important things below:

✨Dress code: Wear anything that makes you feel you & comfortable to move / express :)
* Drink lots of water before the event & bring your own water (prefer non-single usage plastic bottles to save our planet) and a journal / notebook if you like
📷Social media free: we leave our phone to rest during dance. This is a place to be fully present with ourselves and one an other (but we love to see your share/post on social media about what you love in our workshops afterwards :))
🙌We dance barefoot: it's easier to connect with mama earth's elements without shoes

Note: please arrive 5-10 mins early to enjoy full body sage smudging to help you step into your present sacred self xx

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