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Each of us seeks a life of joy and happiness. However, many of us ride a daily roller coaster of emotional ups and downs. At an unconscious level our emotions can rule our lives and cloud our daily experience. These patterns are established early in life and position us to experience particular feelings and particular results in life. Sadly, most people play the same emotional patterns over and over again their whole lives. The key to manifesting the life we want is to go to our core emotional pattern and change it. With that shift, we are much more likely to consciously create the relationships and situations we want in life. These shifts enable us to live from a place of joy, peace and harmony.

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Inner Matrix Groups

Be Well Austin Center & Yoga House

The signature community based offering of Conscious Transformation, Inner Matrix Groups provide participants with the opportunity to learn life empowering tools and explore the inner workings of their mental and emotion faculties in a safe and supportive group environment. Frequently series participants have reported reduced stress and increased level of love, joy and fulfillment in life. The purpose of the Inner Matrix Group is to expand the awareness of a person’s powerful and unconscious drivers and to provide simple, yet meaningful, practices to strengthen their ability to create desired changes in their lives. Every person can benefit from developing a greater understanding of how the subconscious mind and the emotions work, how they impact our experience of life and how we can shift these internal patterns to step into a more fulfilling experience and a new vision for life. Join Conscious Transformation Trainer Jodi Filleman, at this Orientation event for her upcoming Inner Matrix Group in North Central Austin. For more information visit https://theinnermatrix.com/groups/group/?group=north-austin-filleman

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Overcoming Your Inner Critic - A Complimentary Evening with Joey Klein

Courtyard by Marriott Austin Downtown/Convention Center

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