What we're about

We do life, including business, from a little bigger perspective.

Each week we have a different structure to our meetings, rotating between:

1. Relevant Speakers- we invite people with fresh perspectives to share with you. Topics have included: Authentic Social Media, Quick Personality Typing for Greater Connection, and The 4 Pillars of Easy Marketing. This can be just the jolt of mid-week inspiration you need, or the tool you may be struggling with.

2. Momentum Days- After our speakers give us the tools, we spend the next week actually IMPLEMENTING them, and providing each other with that "co-worker feeling" that entrepreneurs often miss. Don't waste the genius around you, come on this day to Get Shift Done.

3. Connection-Builders- get to know each other on a more casual level. These business development games will allow you to break out of your patterns and see your business on a new level. The feedback we get is that THIS is what builds such strong bonds within CBC. Come to laugh!!

4. Demonstration Days- stop talkin about it, and let's just see it already! We believe that you don't have to leave your backyard to find amazing people and incredible experiences. Come experience the genius of a couple of our members and offer your own! We provide the stage and the audience, you provide the wonder :)

Also, the CBC meetings are member-run. You can be seen and heard, and practice your leadership skillz in small ways at the meeting. No prep required, just grab a role and have some fun with it!

If CBC is your group and you want to be listed with your biz where others can find you, or if you'd like to learn more about our unique members, come on over to:


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Nature Church

Spring Canyon/ Dog Park

Here’s my long time dream - still testing it:

We gather in nature.
Share a few profound words, maybe a song or two.

Then we go off into nature and have our own experiences - connecting and exploring, rejuvenating and enjoying.

Come back together to share what you discovered, and close our circle connected to each other and connected to the “spark beyond” in all of us.

Despite the chill in the air, this has been a wonderful rejuvenating event. Hope you can join us.

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Nature Church

Spring Canyon/ Dog Park

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