What we're about

This Meetup group is like no other! It’s is the place where you can explore your corporate persona and experiences in the context of “the stuff” you love to talk about, but has been considered too “woo woo” for the workplace.

Times are changing! We are entering an incredible era for Conscious Corporate Women!

​With the culmination of the 21st century women's movement, the merging of Western science and Eastern philosophy, the generational shift to Millennials, and the trends in technology and resulting social power, Conscious Corporate Women will rise to unprecedented levels of leadership, productivity, growth, fulfillment, purpose, contribution and appreciation!

Who are Conscious Corporate Women?

We are women who work or have worked in a corporation (or any organization) and value being conscious. We strive to be holistic, authentic and mindful.

Please join us in the confidential comfort of like-interested corporate women who believe there is a deeper meaning to our workplace purpose, challenges, relationships and dynamics.

We will enjoy speakers, discussions, books, articles and demonstrations on topics including:

• Mindfulness • Intuition • Authenticity • Creativity • Self Awareness

• Neuroscience • Feng Shui • Energy/Vibration/Frequency

We will learn, grow, share, discover, understand and create! Together, we will discover the “missing pieces” to our personal puzzles and delight in the appreciation of ourselves and our purpose in the things we call work and life!

We will meet at a variety of locations in the greater Charlotte area, including Lake Norman, Concord, Matthews, Ballantyne, and South Park. There is no cost to join this group, however some locations may require a shared fee for meeting space.

Upcoming events (2)

Consciousness in the Queen City: People, Places and Things

Join us for casual conversation and information sharing about the Mind-Body-Spirit people, places and things in and around the Charlotte area. For instance... * Who is/might know a great Reiki Practitioner? * What is Reiki anyway? * Which workshops are you curious about or have you attended? * What publications/websites are useful in finding LOCAL resources? Casual dress and conversation in a comfortable setting :). Guests are welcome! Arrive at 6:30, depart as your schedule allows.

Demystifying and Drawing Mandalas (No art skills needed)

A mandala is a circular design, generally characterized with a center point and an array of symbols, shapes and forms emanating from it. In essence, mandalas represent the connection between our inner worlds and outer reality. A “place” that can hold and manifest the powerful energy of intention. Drawing mandalas can be both inspirational and therapeutic. It can help us center psychologically. A circle is a soothing touchstone in the lifelong process of growth and change. Creating or coloring a mandala helps us orient ourselves, integrate new information about ourselves, and re-formulate our identity.

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