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• What we'll do You will be introduced to practical tools that elevate your ability to lead your life and become conscious - how to overcome "Fires" you are facing with total clarity and be able to transcend current blind spots. Whether it is a relationship under strain, career challenge, or health adversity, any or all of these symptoms will be prompting you to grow in self awareness. Your confidence and ability to embrace self love and compassion will increase for yourself and others. Blame and shame falls away. Your own behaviour will change as in alchemy- insecurity into strength, anger into compassion, lust into creativity .......fear into love. You will be shown layer by layer how the Dalian Method works, and how to do all of this WITHOUT USING CONCEPTS THAT ARE TAUGHT TO YOUR MIND- all transformation is thus permanent. We will not be forcing any activity that is artificial or dishonest to your true feelings......we begin with your current state, whether depressed, confused, angry, bitter overwhelmed etc etc. You get the picture! We will be working together to understand these emotions so that you can be returned into optimum emotional health and wellbeing • What to bring water bottle, note pad, pen, and wear casual clothing • Important to know www. spark for tickets- Price of attendance is $20


7123 selkirk street · vancouver, bc


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Conscious Living Network is a focal point to various branches of conscious artists, entrepreneurs, healers, educators, facilitators and spiritual circles. We have an online and printable directory. Through Sacred Commerce, through Community Events, & Mutually Supportive Endeavors we are strengthening the community together.

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