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Welcome to Conscious Social Scene! We are co-creating a new world of self-sustaining living, alternative healing, open-minded approaches to thinking, mindfulness, kindness, and conscious being.

Join us for outdoor activities, hiking, meditations, field trips, live music, dancing, craft beer adventures, sipping wine while discussing higher consciousness, out of body experiences, clairvoyance, ghosts sightings, alien visits and whatever your Awakened Spirit needs to share safely in a loving, non-judgmental group! If the Infinite Intelligence, May you find your love partner, soul mate, Twinflame among us. You are sure to make new friends here and have some fascinating conversations in the process.

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Learn more about the host of this group, Ariana Zariah, at www.NamasteHealingArts.com

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Namaste Healing Arts

CHIOS Energy Healing is a powerful therapy combining elements of Reiki, medical chi gong, and biofield cleansing. We work in the multiple layers of the human biofield or Aura, clearing densities and strengthening and charging the field for better protection and energetic strength. We also work on the Chakras, learning to sense them, clear them, charge them and run them at the optimal potential. We also scan the physical body and organs and energetic cleansing trapped trauma and emotional energetic densitites. FOR MORE INFO ON CHIOS ENERGY: https://chiosenergyhealing.com/ I have been a Certified CHIOS Master Teacher for 7 years and have never offered this class! Come and experience this amazing modality. Certification classes will be offered in the fall for all interested. Level 1, 2, and 3/Master Teacher. BECAUSE OF COVID and the financial hardships that many are experiencing at this time, I am offering this event by DONATION. If you think you need to come, but cannot donate at this time, you are still completely welcome! Please donate when you can and what you can. IF YOU ARE SEEKING TO ATTEND THIS CLASS VIA ZOOM, PLEASE TEXT ME ASAP SO I CAN HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY SET UP. I prefer these events to be in person to experience the energy, however if you prefer a zoom, I am happy to accommodate. Blessings! Ariana Zariah[masked]


Namaste Healing Arts

Tuning Fork Vibrational Therapy draws on ancient indigenous and Far East healing traditions, combined with contemporary music theory and science of frequency. This gentle, non-invasive technique uses Solfeggio tuning to realign the frequencies of your body. Each Tuning Fork is calibrated to a different frequency to create alignment throughout the body. These frequencies move stuck energies, dissipate lower frequency energies and increase energy flow. The focus can be the Biofield, the Chakra system and the energy body as a whole. As a result, clients experience a lighter sense of being and many claim that discomfort in the mind, body, spirit connection seems to soften, creating an overall sense of calm and rejuvenation. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO REQUEST THIS EVENT VIA ZOOM ONLINE, PLEASE TEXT OR CALL ME ASAP SO I MAY PREPARE THE TECHNOLOGY. Blessings! Ariana[masked]

Access Bars Certification ( Reiki for your Brain! )

Namaste Healing Arts

Access Bars® has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their lives. People report better health, ease of sleep, weight loss, better sex and relationships, relief from anxiety, less stress and so much more. Unlock the space of being you! For more information and to REGISTER Click the Link HERE: on my CLASS SCHEDULE PAGE on the Access Consciousness official Website: https://www.accessconsciousness.com/en/public-profiles/ariana-zariah/ Due to a requirement of ease of communication and breathing... Masks are not preferable. If this is of concern, class can be offered online, providing that you work in pairs from your remote location. This is an Access Consciousness requirement for this class when offered remotely. The "in-person" class is limited to 4 students for optimal student-teacher interaction. Couples taking the class livestreamed via zoom are not affected by this limit.

A Taste of Access Bars - All of Life Comes to me with Ease, Joy & Glory

Access Consciousness is an internationally renowned program of pragmatic tools to shift your life, your body, and your being, including but not limited to Access Bars. Here is more information on what Access Bars are... https://www.accessconsciousness.com/en/public-profiles/ariana-zariah/ AMAZING BOOKS & AUDIO: Expand your Consciousness and Intuitive abilities with these books and Audio: https://www.accessconsciousness.com/en/access-shop/#a_aid=ArianaZariah Thank you! Ariana Zariah, Certified Energy Facilitator, BF, CMW

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