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The Holistic Marketing Plan - a workshop for coaches and wellness professionals
Attract more clients and make more sales by creating a holistic marketing plan for your business. Discover the 9 inter-related pieces of a holistic marketing plan, how each piece connects and what you need to focus on first. If the marketing you're doing now isn't working, this will explain where, why and what you need to do to fix it. Learn how to market your life-changing services so that you: - Work exclusively with your "Right People" - the clients who will gladly pay for your services, come back for more and tell their friends. (Bonus: no more having to try to persuade or convince!) - Structure your services to support client commitment (and the results they'll get from that) and avoid the revolving door of clients who come for a session or two, then disappear (or have unreasonable expectations for instant results) - Market from a place of inspiration, education and empathy. What if your marketing could be received gratefully? (No more steeling yourself to "self-promote" or deciding between "being ethical" and "making sales") When the services you offer are personal, life-changing and require client vulnerability - traditional hard-sell tactics will undermine building a trust-based relationship. So you need a different approach. This workshop will show you how.

Avicenna Holistic Centre

1155 Robson Street #413 · Vancouver, bc


What we're about

For heart-centered solo-entrepreneurs: coaches, consultants, freelancers, work-from-home service providers and small business owners who can relate to any or all of the following:

• Dread trying to condense the richness of what you offer into a "30 second elevator pitch"? (Ever wish you were an accountant because that would be so much easier to explain?)

• Feel like the "odd duck" at most networking events because people don't GET what you do? (Or you feel like you have to hide part of what you do/who you are because you'll be judged as "woo-woo"?)

• Not into the crowded room speed networking thing?

• Tired of events where people are aggressively trying to sell something to you? (Either from on stage or in individual conversations?)

• Wish you could find a networking event focused on connections rather than transactions?

Welcome! This is for you. :)

How are we different?

1. Business and marketing presentations that are relevant to values-based ethical helper businesses, followed by a chance to discuss and apply the topic. (aka - meaningful conversation!) Oh. And no "hard sell" sales pitch.

2. Small tables in a quiet setting. An opportunity to really connect with the people around you.

3. Facilitated discussion instead of awkward small talk. And no endless round of "one minute infomercials"

Ideal for introverts, those of us who can be situationally shy...and everyone craving connection and "realness" in business.

PS - If you struggle to answer that dreaded "so what do you do?" question at networking events, I made this for you: Introductions Course ( It's free and it's created especially for those of us who have "hard to explain" businesses.

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