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WHAT IS GOING ON FOR YOU RIGHT NOW? • Are you happy and satisfied with yourself, your life and your relationships? • Are you struggling to figure out what you really want to do with your life? • Are you feeling confused about the big decisions in life? • Are you feeling capable of doing so much more, but are unsure where to start? • Are you afraid of taking the leap to really follow your dreams? CLARITY IS THE KEY We often face those big decisions in life that, more often than not, make us feel confused. It’s not enough for us to know that we are capable of so much more. And when we are faced with the uncertainty of where we should start to make these changes, those “decisions” may become harder to make. The fear of taking that first steps towards happiness, contentment, trusting our instincts and following our heart’s desires is where we often need the most support and guidance. LETTING GO OF WHAT IS NOT SERVING US ANYMORE Once we become more relaxed, calmer, clearer of what we want to create in our lives, once we let go of what is not serving us anymore, we can fulfil our unique potential, we can manifest our greatest dreams, we can start enjoying our life’s journey which is unfolding in front of us every single day. We can be happy and satisfied not when we know all the answers but when we can trust our “Intuitive Heart” to provide us with all we need to make the best possible choices in any given circumstance. ABOUT THE EVENING During this evening, Monika Rak will introduce her first three steps to Clarity & Happiness. She will explain how important it is to Stop, Clarify and De-clutter at all levels (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical). She will offer the opportunity for you to quiet your mind, relax, and find your own clarity, which will allow you to let go of the blocks that are preventing you to move on in life in whatever area you may feel stuck. She will give you a unique experience of a "Sound Bath" so that you can experience the amazing healing power of ancient vibrational sounds of instruments such as gongs, drums, chimes, Tibetan bowls, tuning pipes, and the sansula. ABOUT THE SPEAKER "I’m Monika, and I am Holistic, Intuitive Life Coach, Sound & Energy Healing Practitioner, and Transformation Facilitator based in Dublin. I’m also the founder of HAPPY CHOICE I specialize in Relaxation, Clarity, and Empowerment. I learned how to intuitively use sounds and energy to help people relax, gain clarity and personal power. I believe that each of us has a unique set of talents and passions, and if we allow ourselves to be relaxed, to be authentic, and to trust our intuition and follow our hearts, we can experience life as an inspired journey. Each of us has the ability to live a joyful life, however, to do so we need to choose joy and happiness on a daily basis. Once we realize that happiness is a choice, we are free to create it at any given moment."

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At the core of our vision is the idea that knowing our inner self, shaping it consciously and expressing ourselves in the outside world in a never-ending process of self-expression, really is what life is all about.

And it can be fun! This is what we call “ Conscious Living”, as opposed to “Just Living”, where we choose who we want to be and design our life, rather than just react to the events.

Living consciously can be easier and even more enjoyable when we share our journey with people traveling on a similar path and even better, if we can learn from those whose main purpose in life is to help us express the best of who we are.

This is the reason why we decided to create “CONSCIOUS LIVING DUBLIN”, a place where people of all backgrounds, ideologies, beliefs and religions gather together to express themselves and explore new possibilities in total freedom!

In order to do that we organize workshops with some of the well known experts in the personal growth field, to explore and practise the most effective disciplines & techniques available at the moment, in a very interactive way.

These gatherings also represent an opportunity to expand our social and professional network, or simply to make new friends.

Come and join our community: We are looking forward to meeting you in person!!

Max Leone

(Conscious Living International Founder & Organiser)

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