What we're about

For anyone who is interested in exploring:

- how technology changes their habits, brains, emotions, and relationships

- how to have a more balanced relationship with their devices, at home and at work

- more ethical approaches to creating technology

Most of our meetup members have been inspired by the founder of Consciously Digital, (https://www.consciously-digital.com/) Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina, to change their digital habits and help others do the same.

For the TEDx talk by Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina, see:


This meetup is run by volunteers and is entirely non-commercial. We don't welcome any kind of sales pitches, whether direct or indirect, so kindly leave them for other groups. This one is meant as a safe place to relax and reflect.

Manage technology, and don't allow it to manage you.

Upcoming events (1)

Neuroscience of Digital Distractions

The Churchmouse: A Firkin Pub

Join us for our first Consciously Digital meet up, where we embrace the idea that technology is great, but that we have to rethink - and change - our relationship with it. Our meetups will teach members about the effects of technology on different aspects of our lives (habits, relationships, learning, and work) and how to change their habits to become healthier and more productive. At our first meeting, we will discuss the impact of digital distractions on our brains and what this means for our memory, creativity, relationships and productivity. You will learn through practical exercises and leave with strategies to monitor and manage your own digital habits. Agenda: Introductions Talk on how digital distractions affect the brain Practical exercises and discussion About the speaker: Ivana Ciric is passionate about applying the latest in Agile, tech, and neuroscience to build high performance teams and deliver critical technology projects. She focuses on empowering teams and individuals to manage digital habits, to promote innovation and collaboration and to reduce waste. She completed her coach training with Dr Anastasia Dedykhina of Consciously Digital

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