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What Is Blocking Our Path Of Enlightenment Part 4
This is Part four in a possible five part or more workshop series. My intent was to put together some material that I was going to use this summer for speaking engagements. When I began compiling this information I began to realize that all of my years of being a professional writer would come in handy some day. Well here it is. I was consciously awakened at the age of three and a half. I can honestly say that I have spent my whole life searching for "the" truth and real meaning of my life. It has been an amazing journey for me with plenty of ups and downs along the way. I came upon a recurring theme after years of meditation and looking inward through self introspection. Something, or someone was obviously blocking my path of enlightenment. In this series of workshops I plan on sharing what can best be described as hidden, esoteric information. This information was based on years of my personal experiences and research. I am not sure how this information will be received, yet my intuitive discernment feels that the time is now to present this information. This is part of my Light Mechanics Series. Light Mechanics are a blueprint of learning, understanding and experiencing the process of shifting our focus back within ourselves. In Part four we will continue with how we are controlled and manipulated by the R-Complex reptilian brain. This information ties together very well to create a mind blowing larger picture perspective of what is blocking our path of enlightenment. Thank you, Chuck Snacks and beverages will be served Updated Directions: 1089 Kinkead Avenue Basement Suite 102-A North Tonawanda, NY[masked] Kinkead Avenue is a small dead end street that connects to Meadow Drive in North Tonawanda. Kinkead is also across the street from the NT High School. Meadow Drive can be accessed from either Nash Road (Twin Cities Highway becomes Nash Road) or Payne Avenue. At the very end of Kinkead is a driveway on your right. Turning right there will actually put you in view of the front entrance of the building I occupy. You want to then turn a quick left to the left side of the building. There is a parking lot there with many available spaces. There is also a wonderful wooded area to the left. I have the only basement entrance on the left side of the building. Suite 102-A. You will continue down a short flight of steps and come on in.

Achieving Consciousness

1089 Kinkead St. · North Tonwanda, NY

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We offer workshops to help with understanding yourself, your abilities, your experiences, and most importantly developing your connection to Universal Consciousness. We have developed applications to help you purify your connection with your Higher Self. This is a journey we all come to in our own way, but having a community who is open to sharing in your experiences helps us to understand the importance of the Journey Within.

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