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Near Death Survivor and The Accidental Pianist - with Dr.Tony Cicoria

In 1994 About two weeks after being struck by lightning and a near-death /out-of-body experience, Tony began to have an insatiable desire to listen to classical piano music. The hunger lead Tony to become a classical pianist, the music he had no interest in prior to his NDE. Tony receives messages from the "other side" and composes pieces heard in his dreams. The music has been described as energetically clean with an absence of ego.

Tony's story is compelling and over the years, has become well versed in aspects of NDE's and connections to the "other side."


Tony is a gifted orthopedic surgeon, lives in New York State, and continues to compose music with his spiritual advisors.

Tony's work:

Opus One - Lightning Sonata

OSS- Exploring Intersections Between Atheism, Religion, and Metaphysics

During our first conference, an attendee suggested that we talk about religion and atheism.
We thought it was a good idea and decided to build our next Open Space Spirituality conference around
it as a theme. Choosing this subject as a topic gives us an opportunity to hold discussions where
attendees could have strong opinions.

Holding these types of conversations is one of the reasons why we introduced Open Space Spirituality conferences - to encourage people who normally do not speak
with each other to have a meaningful conversation. This is also why we developed the Consciousness
Cafe’s Open Spirituality Guidelines, through which we hope to guide these interactions.

We hope you will join us!

Exploring Reincarnation with Jim and Neeraj

Online event

Join Jim Farris and Neeraj Vir for an informative and lively exploration of reincarnation.

Reincarnation is the belief that some aspect of us survives death and is reborn into another life. There are passages in the Christian Bible that could be interpreted as supporting this belief and there are many religions that accept reincarnation as part of their faith. In recent decades some fascinating research that provides evidence that we may live multiple lives.


Jim - has been studying esoteric subjects for 18 years and has sought personal experiences as a means of validating his understanding of the breadth of reality. What began as an interest in near-death experiences expanded to include other spiritually transformative subjects.

Jim has attended four residential programs at the Monroe Institute, listened to numerous speakers and participated in workshops at the Rhine Center, spent 2 weeks at an ayahuasca retreat in Peru, and has engaged in multiple holotropic breathwork sessions. He has served as the Treasurer of the International Association for Near-death Studies (IANDS) and currently serves on the IANDS finance and ethics committees.

Neeraj - A few years ago, at the height of what was materially, the most successful period of his career, Neeraj hit a spiritual low. To the outside world, his life was an example of the American Dream, an immigrant with a handful of ideas, starting his business and gaining significant market share of a new service. On the inside, he felt bankrupt, filled with dissatisfaction, almost to the point of depression. He did not completely understand why he felt that way, but he knew he had the answers within.

The thirst to know the reason for his unhappiness, combined with his entrepreneurial nature led him to confront the dichotomy. Little did he know at the time, it was the beginning of a wonderful journey – an inner exploration that continues to encourage him to study the Self.

During this time, he has spent numerous hours learning about the various religions and esoteric philosophies and practices like Yoga, Meditation, Gnosticism, Kabbalah, and Buddhism. He also loves to read non-traditional, albeit scientific theories that prove the existence of creative energy, one that inspires and drives human evolution.

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Open Space Spirituality - First Conference

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