Let's meet up to explore Sleep Science, Experimental Technology, and Wellness


Consciousness Hacking Cambridge is having our kickoff!!!

We're working with HBS Healthcare Club and CODE to bring you Hack Your Sleep, an event that will explore sleep science, interventions, experimental technology, and the impact each might have on our conscious experience. Join us for an evening of exploration and insights on sleep. What do binaural beats really do? What can science tell us about dreams? What exploratory tech exists for intervening on sleep and wellness?

We're hosting some amazing sleep experts including:

Robert Stickgold, Harvard Professor and Sleep Researcher who published the first paper on the science of Dreams in 40 years. You may recognize his legendary dream TED talk or RadioLab appearances.

Tom Rudick, an Android engineer who will share his DIY science journey on quantified-self and sleep

Judith Amores, from the MIT Media Lab's Fluid Interfaces lab, working on experimental tech with sleep, meditation and smell

Adam Hewett, co-founder of Brain.fm, music designed to enhance focus, relaxation, meditation, naps...offering free 2 weeks of brain music to all attendees!

Please make sure you RSVP (required). Early sign-ups will have the chance to beta-test products before the event.