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Demo+Discuss Tech/Science to Expand Consciousness via Contemplative Practice

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Harvard Divinity School

45 Francis Avenue · Cambridge, MA

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Back at it!

Consciousness Hacking ( is a growing community interested in expanding the focus area of local design, science and tech talent to include contemplative frameworks (emotional, psychological, spiritual benefits and costs of tech). This event will bring together experts in Mindfulness, Transcendental Meditation, Neuro-engineering, Psychiatry, Self-Reflection Technology and more.

It's an awesome space to learn from and connect with people creating new tools for self-exploration! Our demos and speakers this time around are crazy cool :) Bring along project ideas or come to talk!


Dr. Jeffrey Rediger is a professor at Harvard Medical School and Medical Director at McLean Hospital, an expert in the power of mind over the body, holding both an MD and Master's of Divinity. Check out his TEDx (

Dr. Andreas Mershin is a multidisciplinary "no labels" Research Scientist at MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms. Trained as a physicist, his current work involves using EEG to quantify subjective states of mind during sensory deprivation tank experiences. Hear him talk on the Quantum Brain (

Baruti KMT-Sisouvong is a PhD Candidate in Vedic Science from Maharishi University of Management and Director of Cambridge's Transcendental Meditation Program. For a sense of his interests and expertise see here (

Chris Berlin is an instructor in pastoral counseling at Harvard Divinity School. He teaches clinical training for Buddhists in care-giving roles and interfaith chaplaincy, and served as an interfaith chaplain at Dana-Farer Cancer Institute where he taught meditation and mindfulness to patients in treatment and end of life care, as well as to staff and clinicians. See him speak on Buddhism here (


Rébecca Kleinberger is a PhD candidate in Tod Machover's the Opera of the Future group at the MIT Media Lab. Her Master's thesis focused on creating tools and experiences to help people discover themselves through the uniqueness and expressivity of their voice. For her PhD she focuses on creating self-reflection technologies; experiences to connect people with themselves and with others using techniques such as VR, lasers, wearable tech or robotics. See her amazing work (

Marie-Therese Png is currently studying for her Masters in Mind, Brain and Education at the Harvard GSE. Her current project out of the MIT Media Lab is using neurotechnology to increase awareness of fear responses to decrease implicit racial bias. She is co-heading the AI, Brain and Cognition Initiative out of the Future Society at Harvard Kennedy School. Learn more here! (

Chi is a Virtual Reality experience that integrates tactile feedback and visual cues to teach Tai Chi (First Runner Up, MIT Hacking Arts ( 2016!)

John Ruelas ( is CTO of Martian Wearables, specializing in affordable, research grade-EEG systems, allowing everyone the opportunity for continuous self-monitoring and neurofeedback training.

When We Die is a two-part Virtual Reality experience that guides users through the process of contemplating their own mortality and presents expert points of view that may not have previously been considered. Death and Dying in VR (