What we're about

Consciousness Hacking Colorado Vision: Connecting community, technology, and practices to explore consciousness and human flourishing.

Consciousness Hacking is a hands-on approach to making and enjoying tools for self-exploration and positive interior growth. Think more Maker Movement, less philosophy or theory (and add a dash of Dharma Overground, a sprinkle of Burning Man, shake well..)

Meetings will focus on new and existing projects, building community, and receiving support for new ideas and concepts. Have an idea for a cool EEG or meditation app? How about a way to help induce lucid dreams? Maybe you’re interested in creating software for starting new habits. This is a place to explore with a supportive group focused on bringing these ideas into reality. The ultimate purpose of this group is to generate a series of new technologies for whole-being enhancement to improve the way we feel, live, and experience life. You are absolutely welcome to join if you don’t have a technology background or have no interest in developing your own tools, but there is a major focus on modern technologies as the hacking medium.

Science increasingly confirms the best aspects of old school contemplative practices: long story short, it turns out we can indeed radically shift our conscious experience for the better with a bit of attention and purpose. Is there a modern enlightenment that is in harmony with (and even improved by) the technology that seems to constantly externalize our attention and increase our sense of separation? Can we create new, or leverage existing, forms of technology that actually empower us to be more fluid, more masterful, more excited, more happy, more connected, and more badass beings? Shall we try?

For example: consumer EEG headsets are beginning to flood the market enabling inexpensive access to brain activity. Bio-sensing technology capable of measuring signals such as pulse, skin conductivity, or physical movement are readily available as commercial products. Computation is becoming less and less a limiting factor, and massive amounts of data can be scoured for patterns no human mind could identify. New methods of neural-stimulation, such as tDCS, TMS and pulsed ultrasound, are being explored and are available to the pioneering hacker. Neuroscience research is beginning to deeply explore the nature of not only meditation, but of mystical and enlightened states. And these examples are just the tip of the iceberg.

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