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Consciousness Hacking is a global community exploring technology as a catalyst for psychological, emotional and spiritual flourishing. It’s an inside-out perspective on how technology can serve us by changing our relationship to the world, rather than the world itself. Meetings will feature insightful talks, community building, and support for new ideas and concepts.

Have an idea for a cool EEG or meditation app? How about a new approach to therapy that uses sound and light? Maybe you're interested in creating software to improve personal development. This is the place to explore and present your ideas with a supportive group with a focus of helping bring them to reality.

The ultimate purpose of the group is to support the community of people exploring, building and disseminating new tools for the evolution of individual and collective consciousness. You do not need a technology background, and you are absolutely welcome to join if you have no interest in ever developing your own tools, but there will definitely be a major focus on modern, technologies as the hacking medium. We do not advocate any particular spiritual or religious beliefs or practices, though our community and organizers tend to dabble in a variety of meditative and spiritual traditions.

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CoHack Meetup: Hot Topics Discussion Groups

Eugene Garden Club

Interested in opportunities to have a cup of tea and talk with like-minded folks about new ideas or research? Just read a blog post that got you thinking about the nature of consciousness? Tried a new technology that led to a deep meditative experience? We are excited to offer the first of many Consciousness Hacking (CoHack) Discussion Groups. This CoHack meeting is the perfect opportunity to stretch your mind, challenge ideas, and share your own creative insights. At this meeting, anyone can "pitch" a topic idea to the group, then we will break into small groups. You can change groups at any point and decide how much you wish to contribute. This is a very popular format for CoHack meetings as it allows a great deal of flexibility in topics with an emphasis on building community. We will provide tea and simple snacks. There is no charge, but donations are helpful to cover expenses.

Light & Sound Meditation

NeuroMeditation Institute

For this special event we are taking our traditional sound meditation practice to a whole new level. In addition to the power of the sound and vibrations generated by crystal bowls and gongs, we are adding light stimulation. Each meditator will have the opportunity to wear specialized light entrainment glasses during the sound meditation. The color and frequency of light pulsations from the glasses can shift or entrain brainwave patterns to facilitate a very deep state of consciousness. By combining the technologies of light and sound, the depth and power of the inner experience is enhanced significantly. Space is limited for this event. Location: NeuroMeditation Institute 115 W. 8th Ave., Ste. 360 Eugene, OR 97401 Sessions will begin promptly at 6:00 and the outside doors to the building are locked at 6:15. If you know you will be late, please notify us in advance so we can make accommodations. Cost: $40 Register here: https://www.neuromeditationinstitute.com/group-class-calendar/2018/lightandsound

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Sound Healing Meditation

NeuroMeditation Institute

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