Reaching top well-being through Loreta QEEG Deep Brain Neurofeedback

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Did you ever wonder who`s the major player in your well-being state ? That`s right,it`s your brain!The next line of questions:aside the traditional alopat methods do we have alternatives to get the brain in top shape?One of the latest revolutionary technological discoveries in this area is LORETA Deep Brain Neurofeedback Training!

LORETA, Low Resoulution Electromagnetic Tomographic Analysis was developed by Roberto Pascal Marti, Key Institute, in Zurich. LORETA Z score Neurofeedback was developed at the University of Tennessee and papers have been published on the clinical efficacy. The goal of LORETA is to train the activity inside the brain, not just the surface EEG on the cranium of the brain.

Emotion, memories and behavior depend on the coordinated activities of regions in the brain connected by the limbic system. LORETA Z score training allows us to train the different systems (networks and hubs) in all three dimensions, amplitude, coherence, and timing. LORETA connects the data from your QEEG to the Broadmann areas in the brain that research associates with the symptoms you are experiencing, allowing only the areas that match to be trained. Relying solely on brain maps can be misleading, as the brain develops compensatory systems as a way to work around the problem, resulting in a misrepresentation of what is causing the problems. With the LORETA Z score training you are utilizing over two hundred years of research linking symptoms to the Broadman areas in the brain, with the end result of treating the root cause and not a symptom.

The event will be presented by Mr Francois Altwies and Ms.Susan Kesselhut,both Neurofeedback Therapists at Neurofeedback Luxembourg.

Tematics of the meeting:

1.Presentation of LORETA Neurofeedback method with lots and lots of practical demos.

2.Augementing the power of Neurofeedback using PEMF(Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy).

3.Q&A session,brainstorming and discussing your interests regarding the future events!

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