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What we’re about

Consciousness Hacking NYC adopts a pragmatic approach to spiritual transformation that utilizes three principal modalities: 1) technology, 2) yoga/meditation, and 3) psychedelics. We are part of a global community of "consciousness hackers" that had its genesis in San Francisco when Mikey Siegel founded the first CH meetup in 2013.

Have an idea for a cool EEG or meditation app? How about a new approach to therapy that uses sound and light? Maybe you're interested in creating software to improve personal development. This is the place to explore and present your ideas with a supportive group with a focus of helping bring them to reality.

The ultimate purpose of our group is to support individuals who are actively exploring, building and disseminating new tools for the evolution of individual and collective consciousness. You do not need a technology background to benefit from our events. And you are absolutely welcome to join if you have no interest in ever developing your own tools, but there will definitely be a major focus on modern, technologies as the hacking medium. We do not advocate any particular spiritual or religious beliefs or practices. Our community and organizers engage in a variety of meditative and spiritual traditions.