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What we’re about

Welcome to Conscious Evolution, for those who seek to awaken to their full potential

What is a spiritual experience? What is reincarnation? What is death? What is life? what is silence? What is God? Etc...

These are some of the deepest questions humans have asked since the beginning of time and the understanding of these questions reveals something deeper, an essence that cannot be captured by words. And when something is completely and actually understood, the mind becomes silent.

“When the mind is silent, there is vast space, only then that which is nameless comes into being”

Hope to see you soon! We intend to build a like minded compassionate community where these deep questions can be understood.

The only rule is that there are many ways to understand these beautiful questions. Please be compassionate and patient with those that have a different way. Kindness is the highest form of intelligence.

With Gratitude,
Margaret "Anamika" Sullivan & Sib