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This is a heartfelt base group that is created to allow the participants to have a space to experience and understand the ascension phrases and process. It is important for candidates to first understand the importance of leading a balanced lifestyle in both the ascension and physical aspect. A marriage between both worlds and integration into harmony. Each session that is created from consultants who are specialized in their own fields and the relationship is based on trust. By coming to work together, we hope to provide a service that is able to fulfil both the earthly and esoteric aspect.

Please note the following rules

- Please do not harass or slander any members or consultants, if reported you will be removed. Do understand that not all teachings will resonate and it is the consultant’s freewill to share information they have or might transmit. That this is space for both members and consultants to work on themselves but that does not mean the consultant is allowed to abuse their rights. I had come to realize that many seekers had expectations of how an ideal consultant or guide should be like, do leave all these behind and come and experience the unexpected!

- Any consultation or follow up is based on trust between the consultant and the candidate(s).

- This is a meetup group serve as a platform for those who genuinely want to improve their lives on all aspect. Do not actively promote any religious practices, sales or other services which may be disruptive.

- This is a non-religion group that allows the candidate(s) to interact and share.

- It is a privilege that you are able to join this group and not a right. Those who demonstrated offensive actions, thoughts and words will be removed and might be ban from future events depending on the severity.

- If you are interested in hosting, do contact me at theconsciouswithin@gmail.com and we will take it from there.


Due to the energy shifts from 2018 to 2020, Conscious Within will be opening up to more activities and events. I had received guidance to open up and is guided to consultants that will be able to help assist with the journey from 2020 & beyond. This is due to the energy shift and the current theme for 2020 -2029 is “You”. It involves your light and physical body to be able to once again open the door to blueprints, mystery schools teaching & knowledge and natural healing. This is some of the topics that Conscious Within is able to offer on both inner and outer growth.

-Spiritual growth & Esoteric Knowledge – Theory and Practical

- Wellness & Nutrition

Conscious Within is introduced as a group for all aspect, while it focuses on spiritual, wellness and nutrition. I will also be opening another group called Divine Flow. This is a group that will be focusing on their own growth. You will be able to locate the link at the end of this message to find out more.

Divine Flow is a group created for those who are devoted to walking the path and transforming their lives. Seekers are to do work with the tools provided and reach out to this support available. Divine Flow touches in-depth on theory, foundation, ascension, the new human body and energy work. It will be a space for one to find out more and to work on themselves. I was given this role to ensure that everyone is able to use the tools of their own growth, for I am simply but a traveller whose role is to hand the keys and tools to the seeker. You may experience things which others do not all this depend on your own devotion and work that you put in. Enjoy this journey and see the transformation from within!

Conscious Within will be for general events which part of it includes major energy events like the lion gates, major energy shift which will affect the mass population. It will also include basic/simple theories and practical like what is channelling and events which will benefit new and seekers who are already walking the path. Divine Flow will be on a deeper level.

This is a request by the guides, (mainly Thoth) to separate the groups. Divine Flow news and updates will be posted once I received the indication.

Divine Flow: https://consciouswithinus.wordpress.com/divine-flow/

All activities will resume in 2020 June, once the guides and I had finalized the direction for 2020 and beyond. This group will be created until it serves its purpose.

Do keep a lookout in May 2020! As to why we are only starting in June 2020 pls refer to the below



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Website: https://consciouswithinus.wordpress.com/

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