ConsenSys & Loom Hackathon

This is a past event

45 people went

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To Attend:

Please send a portfolio to
with the subject “NYC Hackathon”.

In this event, every developer will be given a copy of Loom’s SDK free of charge. After following the installation instructions for getting set up, you can begin using the Unity SDK or Cocos SDK to build a DAppChain game, learn how to communicate with a DAppChain from your Go and Node.js apps, or learn to deploy and run Solidity contracts on a DAppChain using Truffle & Web3. (Among other things).

The SDK also comes packaged with multiple example DApps you can simply download and run out of the box: A Unity-based side-scrolling adventure game, a social network, and 2 examples for using Phaser and WebSockets for browser-based games.

At the end of the event, you’ll be judged by a panel from both Loom Network and ConsenSys, and the finalists will win exciting prizes as well as an opportunity to be hired by Loom Network or ConsenSys

Please send a portfolio to:
with the subject “NYC Hackathon”.

NOTE: You will not be admitted unless you forward your portfolio and have been responded to by Loom & ConsenSys.

The due date for the applications is Aug 4th. You can still apply past the due date, but there won’t be any guaranteed spots left.

Conditions to Apply:
- Interest in building apps on Ethereum (technical knowledge not required — the Loom Network team will be at the event to help you through building your first DApp)
- Laptop (macOS/Linux/Windows 10)
- Energy, Enthusiasm, and Creativity