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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are a group of conservative tree huggers and walk with the Gods of your understanding. We see that we have a wonderful president and are planning ahead to 2020. Let's join our Path to President Trump's to ensure that his continued right action is and always remains at the heart of his campaign. With the exception of extremists, all are welcome.

Be sure to know this. Remembering that this is a place to share conservative and traditional values about politics, theories, beliefs, thosophies, and philosophies. Let's share how we view things without identity with our heart, soul, mind, and spirit. Let's see how this tetrachotomy's relationship works with our Great United States of America.

Let's share our President's accomplishments and honor the Pantheon and Kindred of our understanding who watch and walk with us. In addition to the meetup rules, please follow our traditional family of values here:


See you soon! Be it thus, be it thus! Beidh sé go breá! Gyda Awen!

Drd. Nioclás Deaglán
First Degree, Second Novitiate
Founder, The Druid Circle
Founder, Druid Order of Blest Stone and Wood, Mabon 2020
Founder, Druid University, Mabon 2021
Founder, Druid Society International, Mabon 2023
Founder, Druid Media and Publishing Company, Mabon 2024

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