What we're about

A Thought Experiment:

Imagine lying sideways before you a box the shape and size of a shoe box. In the left side that your left hand can easily touch, there is a slit where you may insert money. In the opposite side to your right, there's another larger opening where money might come out. (發財寶盒是也)

You insert a HK$1,000 note into the slit in the left side. Soon $1,100 pours out from the hole in the right side. Magic!

You pinch your cheek to check if you're dreaming.

You're not. Now what do you do? Test how repeatable that is, of course!

Not wishing to lose your original $1,000 stake, you slip your $100 "profit" into the left slit. And we see that...

1) If nothing comes back out this time, you know the previous $100 profit may have been a bait for your greed.

2) If sums that are randomly higher or lower than your $100 come back out at different times, you're without any strategy in a casino.

3) If 10% more comes back out together with what you've invested for hundreds of times, then you have "Consistent Profitability" like a Pro. Congratulations.

4) If, encouraged by thousands of victories, you "reinvest" in total confidence ALL you have, over and over again, into the Dream Box to get still more... and the box bursts into flames one day with your net-worth, your surname is Lehman and your star sign is a swan. (黑色的天鵝)


The above experiment sums up the two words "Consistently Profitable" in the namesake of our Meetup Group:

The Name of the Game is rising in profitability significantly above Losses and Break-evens, and stay there for as long as you could. Well, until the next time the financial market yet morphs into a different jungle, and you'll have to adapt again.

Before this you are learning the craft, and do not yet have a game.

But how do we attain Consistent Profitability?


This Group have long rediscovered that, whether your trading strategy is superb, rubbish or non-existent... failures always traces back to self-destructiveness and ignorance in the mind.

Two proven solutions are:

1) One may work on the destructive traits alone by oneself by reflecting, reading, hypnosis, practicing, positive self-talk, NLP, video games or whatever.

2) Being accepted by and progressing with a group of already consistent investors that are happy to examine and criticize, ridicule and generally trash your silly observations with good cheer.

We find the 2nd path with advisers and fellow-travelers much more healthful, if not also happier and shorter.

This Meetup Group was formed so that members may mingle under the banner of Smart Investing and, hopefully, each find their peer group of competent trading partners eventually.


For the simple reason that this group is all about money; A.K.A. Profits/Losses, here are the common-sensical rules:

- No buy-or-sell advice should be given or requested. Many fertile forums are out there if free, hot stocks tips are what a newbie is seeking.(本社區不會有「冧把」提供/提及。)

- While this group understands risks, we frown on gamblers or any concepts about gambling, especially on animals or spherical balls.(有智慧地接受「風險」不是賭博。本社區不歡迎與「賭博」兩字有任何相關意義的概念及人士;尤其是四腿的動物或圓形的球)。


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