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So-called "Conspiracy Theories" - Who’s Hiding What?

"Historical Revisionism" - Why the Censorship?

We know we are being lied to. We know there are "Others who are in control" of worldly affairs. And we know they obviously do not have our 'best interests' at heart.

Theories, evidence, and the direct experience of witnesses to history are compelling. More information is emerging about the twists and turns of our collective human experience.

So we ask: Who really controls the information we can access? Who really controls the Media? The Banking Systems? Political Decision Making?

With the scrutiny of intellectual re-examination toward the hidden elements of WW-2, right up to the current dreadful global economic system. Who are the "hidden hands" that influence human society to this very day. As we know: Whoever controls the economic system, controls humanity and the future of the planet.

Something is very wrong with most of our social systems. This is deliberate. Our very survival may depend upon identifying "the powers that be" who are in control. Is it too late to turn the tide of history? Can the positive elements of our human nature overcome the abusers, and take the lead? Can we liberate the truth and ourselves?

Let’s speak truth. Let’s speak freely.

We can go to jail now for speaking about this. Who controls the courts and the laws and the governments that would enforce such censorship? That alone is evidence that truth is being hidden. To know our true history is to identify and see clearly the fingerprints upon the actions of today.

Let's meet. Let's talk. Let's find the truth together.

Let's find others who also have a piece of the global puzzle.

Let's change the way it has been. Let's make the world a better place.

We can do this. We must.

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To keep track of everything we're discussing here, we have our list of conspiracy sources here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17oE0i1eAxkoqOfxitrsAuStGRMxqx4drd5aOypp38gw/edit#gid=0

Feel free to add your own sources and to write a comment about the ones you've had a look at.

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