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The truth must triumph over evil. What happened in the bay of tonklin? 911? what the hell was contra all about? underwear bomber? iraq had weapons of mass destructions? give us a break... is osama bin landen a comic book villian? he sure looks like one.. the mainstream media is going bankrupt and now they put a lid on the internet? control the internet with 2.0? what about the truth..... what about it... and how the hell did we all end up in debt? where did the money go? there is more than just rock and dust in afghanistan...aparthied in the middle east, believe it, lets put up another wall... there is a lot of deciet out there, and this group unravels the truth.. spread the word, spread the truth.

Past events (37)

Human Rights Movement Vancouver

Meet by the new Coquitlam Town Centre Stage located on the east side of Lafarge Lake, Town Centre Park Plaza, Coquitlam.


ShowBoat (Grass area above)

Global March for freedom.

Cactus Club -Coal Harbour

Global March for freedom.

Science World/Athletes Park

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