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This group has as it's vision to be a place where conspiracy theorists and their critics can gather and exchange ideas in the spirit of dialog and personal growth! Discussions can, and often do, get heated, but we have to remember that we are not gathered to convince each other, but to exchange ideas and to discuss them.

All ideas and theories are welcomed! However, ideas and theories will be discussed and criticised, for example whether the theory is consistend with itself, whether it has any explanatory power, or whether the theory conflicts with already made observations.

If you are interested in or believe in conspiracy theories, you should definitely join this group! It would be ideal if at least a few believers in a conspiracy theory and a few critics of that conspiracy theory would attend every meeting, so that we can have discussions!

I will try to organize an event once every month! I will look up a trending or popular conspiracy theory, and make it the topic of the next meeting! During the meeting, we will talk about the conspiracy theory, and then the room will be opened for discussions, moderated by me if necessary! Alternatively, the meetings will host debates between conspiracy theorists and their critics, moderated by me!

Join our discord with the following link! --> https://discord.gg/aVkrtWk9

See you soon!

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(Online) Birds Aren't Real?! The Craziest Conspiracy Theory Ever!

It may be hard to believe, but there are really people out there who really believe that birds aren't real! One of them is Youtuber Hans Wormhat, who in his video called "Send This Video To People Who Believe In Penguins" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCpXgg91Yrk&t=473s) explains how it is possible that penguins are fake even thou there are pictures of penguins and penguins in the zoo.

But not only penguins, in fact all birds in the wild, in the cities, and even at home are fake! In fact, they are government drones made to spy on people! To show that this is true, bird truthers point to suspicious looking observations and footage of birds that should concern anybody who is willing to listen. For example, why is it that birds rest on electric lines? Why does it seem like nobody has ever seen a baby bird, and why does bird poop always fall on cars and people? Could it be that "birds" really are robots that charge on electric lines, and therefore never appear as babies, and who's poop are tracking devices sent to stick on people and their cars? Also, why is there footage of big trucks releasing hundreds of birds in the wild? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwB8MNQSiBA) If this doesn't concern you, then how would you explain these observations?

According to birdsarentreal.com, bird truthers are a real movement that have been fighting for the truth about birds since 1976. They detail the history of their movement in their website (https://birdsarentreal.com/pages/the-history), there they claim that real birds once existed, but that they have been wiped out and replaced by drones by the US government to spy on people. Since people historically are used to birds, nobody would ever find out about this, creating the ultimate conspiracy!

Could this even possibly be true? Let's meet on Sunday the 19th of September and discuss! The meeting will start at 6:00 pm CEST and will be held via Google Meet. See you then and there!

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