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I've been on a spiritual path, an inner path, since 2005. Digging deeper and deeper within myself, I realized that in order to continue making progress on the path, I had to continue to confront every perception, every belief that was derived from my own primal mind, my own ego - which I realized was birthed from insecurity, from fear, from feeling separate from God. I had to accept responsibility for my spiritual development by gradually learning how to detach myself from the perceptions of my ego, rather than succumb to its temptations, its passions, its desires. I had to choose to consciously align myself with what I sensed to be my own inner-teacher - the still, silent divine spark in my heart, which never ever interfered with my free will. It simply waited for me to tap into it. It's a source of unconditional love that I feel we each truly are, at our core.

I'd like to build a new network for individuals in their 20's, 30's and 40's who have been on their own inner-path (no matter how long). We can share our perceptions, our creative writings, read invocations, share ideas, tools for growth, artwork - or whatever else we desire - openly around others. I want to encourage an environment of spiritual maturity - no judgment, no comparison of better/worse (as I truly see us all as spiritually equal), just an honest sharing of whatever you feel comfortable sharing. This can also be an opportunity for us all to help each other become more comfortable sharing our inner-truth outwardly, which can help us each individually on our own spiritual path.

Truly, I have the desire to always keep an open-mind, to always grow in consciousness, to always have the desire to be more than what I am. If enough spiritual-minded individuals with an honest intent come together, I believe amazing things can happen.

I feel that the group will become what it needs to become.

Join me!


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Fairfield Inn & Suites Dallas North by the Galleria

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Whole Foods Market Plano

Let Your Inner Voice Be Heard

Whole Foods Market Plano

Meet and Share

Whole Foods Market Plano

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