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This group is for people interested in all different types of Consulting.

Whether you are are a current consultant, looking to get into consulting, an ex-consultants, an independent consultant a student or are simply interested in learning more and staying connected!

NYC Consulting meetup is a networking community for consultants to attend events, share industry information, lifestyle tips, career opportunities and much more, in a professional yet information informal setting. Professionals at all levels are welcome from Graduate / Entry Level through to Executive / Leadership level.

Disclaimer: SCOPE OF EVENTS: Though most of the events are focused around main topic of the meetup group but please note that the group takes a wider approach to host events so that all members can engagement in personal and professional development. All meetups promote one – on one interaction and building relationships amongst members.
The event topics include career, jobs, education, professional developments, mba, mba & masters admissions and other topics like immigration, tech, finance non profit, fashion, music and literature.
Some events would hosted and sponsored by third parties but the organizers are present the events and organizers feel that such events bring a lot of value to the members.

Please do not join the group is you disagree with approach

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Meet The Founders - Pitch Your Idea

Online event

****VIRTUAL EVENT***** RSVP BELOW MANDATORY TO JOIN THE EVENT https://bit.ly/3bzqxP8 New York Entrepreneurs, Startup & Business Coalition TIME : 6:30 PM EST Meet The Founders - Pitch Your Idea (ON ZOOM) + 1:1 VIRTUAL NETWORKING Meet the best Startup Founders & Learn About their real hussels. Agenda & Learning: Starting a business and the mistakes to avoid What can companies do to get off the ground and raise VC money Hosting events with the right partnerships Marketing ideas for startups How to get featured in popular publications RSVP BELOW MANDATORY TO JOIN THE EVENT https://bit.ly/3bzqxP8 Bernardo de la Vega - Serial Entrepreneur who has successfully created, launched, scaled, and sold two E-commerce Companies. He first Became an expert with Google and Facebook ads back in 2014 and then went on to build his first company on amazon which became the number 1 beauty company on amazon in 2016. Before selling that company in 2018, Bernardo launched Mealthy, a food Media and Kitchen Appliance company which he sold in June of 2020. Bernardo is currently working on his new tech company called Fiesta which allows people to easily create 30 second video clips of their favorite podcasts or as he would say “Tik Tok for Podcasts.” Lee Rubin - Founder and CEO of Confetti the first fully automated event planning platform that allows anyone to put together fully customizable, multi-vendor events in just a couple of clicks. While working in corporate sales, she saw companies struggle to put together great office events employees actually enjoy. She built Confetti to help event organizers create special moments and to make gathering people together super simple. Lee has an interest in art and design. She believes the road to corporate success is a superior customer experience. Aside from making events extremely easy to plan, she hopes for Confetti to help create more memorable life experiences for its customers, help companies build an authentic voice and office culture, and ultimately make work more fun. When she's not sneaking in sending another email, she wishes she was petting cats, walking around in nature and playing with colored markers - not all at the same time, but she would be up for the challenge. Contact her at [masked]. Nash Ahmed - Founder and CEO of Undock Nash is a serial telecom executive and the Founder and CEO of Undock, an artificial intelligence-enabled meeting platform built for the future of work. Ankit Gordhandas - Founder/CEO, Intersect Labs | Y Combinator S19 | MIT '10 Intersect Labs enables anyone to make machine learning-driven predictions in 3 clicks (no coding needed). Pitch Your Idea Are you a startup looking to pitch your company in front of an audience and panel of expert Startups, VC's and Audience? This is your chance. Meet, field questions, and get immediate feedback from investors and Audience HOW THIS WORKS Interested startups are required to block a slot in the ticket section on the event. There are 2 types of slots available; 3 MINUTES PITCH SLOT OR 1.5 MINUTES PITCH SLOT BOOK A SLOT AT BELOW LINK. https://bit.ly/3bzqxP8 Hosted By - New York Entrepreneurs, Startup & Business Coalition. Facebook Page - https://bit.ly/3hRrIMC Facebook Group- https://bit.ly/3fOX7NI Meetup Group - https://bit.ly/3hV6VaP Instagram - www.instagram.com/professionalunite/ RSVP BELOW MANDATORY TO JOIN THE EVENT https://bit.ly/3bzqxP8


Ticketed Event. Confirm RSVP Here https://bit.ly/3guwEFh FOLLOWING THE NEW NORM - OUTDOOR PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING EVENT -Meet Like Minded Entrepreneurs, Techie, Founders & Professionals -Sharing Ideas, Building Relationships & Forming Partnerships Event Is Being held Per CDC Guild lines. -Mandatory Face Masks Or Face Shields -Temperature Checks -Guided Spots For Social Distancing -Gloves As Needed Ticketed Event. Confirm RSVP Here https://bit.ly/3guwEFh Calling All: Tech Startups ! Entrepreneurs ! Business Owners ! Professionals ! Free-lancers, policy-makers, game-changers, and heroes! Starting Fall 2020 with NY's Best Professional Networking Affair. Please join us for an evening of creativity, inspiration and passionate conversations. Join & raise a glass - make connections with co-founders, partners, coaches or core team members for your start-up- meet fellow professionals and mingle with makers of great and big ideas - take home treats from growing community and some business cards. Please use @TechWebTalks to share your comments/pics for this event. Ambiance: - Name Tags will be provided to everyone who attends.We request you put your name and industry on your name tag. - Make sure you bring enough business cards. - The dress code is Business Casual. Timings: - Event is from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. ***Arriving on time recommended. Venue Sponsor - Labyrinthe Labyrinthe is an on-demand workspace located in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We focus on offering the best, yet affordable and flexible coworking options to the members of our community. When you work at Labyrinthe, you can connect to super-fast & secure wifi and drink fresh hot coffee made available any time of the day. You'll also have tons of deskspace and outlets to ensure you can keep working and "stay in the zone." Join others in choosing to work at the premiere affordable and flexible workspace! It’s only $5 to work by the hour, $20 for an entire day, and $79 for a monthly membership! For Sponsorship & Business Queries - [masked] Hosted By - New York Entrepreneurs, Startup & Business Coalition. Facebook Page - https://bit.ly/3hRrIMC Facebook Group- https://bit.ly/3fOX7NI Meetup Group - https://bit.ly/3hV6VaP Instagram - www.instagram.com/professionalunite/ Ticketed Event. Confirm RSVP Here https://bit.ly/3guwEFh

Meet Most Successful Startups OF Y-COMBINATOR - STAR INCUBATOR

*******************VIRTUAL EVENT***********ZOOM MEETING******** MUST RSVP ON BELOW LINK TO ATTEND. https://bit.ly/3gyJFgT Why Y Combinator Is So Important Y Combinator has been used to launch over 2,000 companies, including Stripe, Airbnb, Cruise Automation, DoorDash, Coinbase, Instacart, Dropbox and Twitch. The combined valuation of the top YC companies was over US$155 billion as of October 2019 As a startup, getting accepted in the Y Combinator program is the perfect boast your startup needs. This accelerator arranges for funding, international partnerships and most your startup on the path of super success. Spare an evening to the meet the founder for the most promising startups that have recently come out the Y Combinator programs. - Meet the most sort out CEO's of future unicorn ( 1 Billion Valuation) startups - Learn first hand from the people on the ground what it takes to break in Y Combinator programs. - Learn about the journey and experience as a Y Combinator portfolio company. MUST RSVP ON BELOW LINK TO ATTEND. https://bit.ly/3gyJFgT Panelist. Amos Gewirtz - Co-Founder @ Vizy After graduating with a degree in anthropology from the University of Chicago, Amos went to work on the investment team at Bridgewater Associates in Connecticut. After leaving Bridgewater, Amos founded Vizy and moved from Brooklyn to San Francisco for YCombinator's Summer 2019 batch. Sally Rogers - Founder at Parsnip Entrepreneur and sustainable food systems advocate with a demonstrated history of working with founders and teams on strategy and growth. Skilled in Communications, Marketing, Team Building, Staffing Services, Management, Leadership, and Strategic Planning. Working to democratize access to opportunities by connecting better-for-you brands with events, influencers, and agencies! Helena Merk - Co-founder and CEO of Glimpse Helena Merk is the co-founder and CEO of Glimpse, a platform that enables others to build strong online communities. She dropped out of Duke Spring of her sophomore year to work at a startup and then left to launch her own. With her co-founder Brian, they decided to dedicate themselves to building social platforms that foster authentic relationships. She has always seen programming as a way to have positive social impact, geeks out far too much about databases, and regularly escapes tech backpacking. Arjun Patel - Co-founder, CEO at WorkClout Hosted By - New York Entrepreneurs, Startup & Business Coalition. Facebook Page - https://bit.ly/3hRrIMC Facebook Group- https://bit.ly/3fOX7NI Meetup Group - https://bit.ly/3hV6VaP Instagram - www.instagram.com/professionalunite/ MUST RSVP ON BELOW LINK TO ATTEND. https://bit.ly/3gyJFgT All Online From Any Device - Computer, Laptop, Tablet Or Phone. From Your Home Or Office We use an online, cloud-based platform to make it easy and fun for you to participate. After signing in from your home, office, smartphone or tablet, will get to know each other better in main chat session and then in small group chats with other attendees in smaller chat rooms. Make sure your video and voice is enabled. Login Details Will Be Shared Only With Attendees Closer To The Date Of The Event MUST RSVP ON BELOW LINK TO ATTEND. https://bit.ly/3gyJFgT

Grow Your Startup Community- Tapping Into Intersections & Interest Of Members

VIRTUAL EVENT ****************************ZOOM MEETING MUST RSVP ON BELOW LINK https://bit.ly/3gNKLpv Community exists everywhere but we're so quick to stay in our obvious communities. Over the past half-century, Silicon Valley has emerged as the archetypal startup ecosystem, producing thousands of successful companies and reaping the benefits of the resulting economic development and job creation. By looking at the intersections of members, their overlapping interests, and additional spaces they exist in we can actually expand our current communities and gain a wider reach. While there is a growing understanding that “Silicon Valley can’t be perfectly replicated” (and that’s a good thing!), there is still an important conversation to be had around as what can be doing to foster thriving startup communities. How do we grow the startup community? - More ambitious entrepreneurs - More anchor technology companies - More repeat entrepreneurs This is how we grow our startup community in a meaningful way. None are easy; all are important. This session will be a discussion of how we can consider these intersections as we design, launch, and operate brand communities for our businesses to drive growth, reach, and impact for both the business and the member experience. We shall be talking about: 1. 4 Cs Needed to Build a Strong Startup Community- Celebrate, Connect, Convene & Collaborate 2. Engage & build a Startup Community where you live? 3. Building a community for a new startup. MUST RSVP ON BELOW LINK https://bit.ly/3gNKLpv Panelists: Angie Manager at Snowflake A tech aficionado who loves building community, bringing people together, and inspiring them to be their best selves. With a background in history, she is always finding ways to use tech to further social good and solve societal issues. As an advocate for diversity and inclusion, she regularly speaks and write on the topic, helping companies re imagine their internal culture. She currently live in Oakland and work as the Senior Community Manager at Snowflake and served as the Director of Community for Lesbians Who Tech, a global community of over 40,000 gender non-conforming, LGBTQ women + allies in tech, and the National Tech Jobs Tour, a cross-country workforce development tour promoting economic opportunity and filling 100K tech jobs. Prior to that, I've also worked as an Engineer Team Support Coordinator at Dropbox, the Developer Relations Manager at Zendesk, interim CEO for BASA Delivery, and an Account Manager at CodeHS. LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/angelicalcoleman/ Jake McKee: Jake McKee is one of the founders of the modern customer community movement. He led Apple’s famed Global Support Communities. which spawned breakthrough innovations such as the Mindstorms community driven product development (which landed on the cover of Wired Magazine). He co-founded Ant’s Eye View (later purchased by PwC) which helped firms like Starbucks, Canon, and H&R Block build customer communities that became powerful engines for marketing, sales, product innovation and the customer experience. Jake currently runs Community5, a consulting practice focused on helping organizations drive more success with their online communities, fan engagement programs, and product development processes. He also manages the Dinner5 project, a monthly dinner series that brings senior community leaders together for connection and camaraderie. To bring some joy and to keep sane during the 2020 global pandemic, he started a web comic for community managers called Home Game. LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jakemckee/ MUST RSVP ON BELOW LINK https://bit.ly/3gNKLpv Hosted By - New York Entrepreneurs, Startup & Business Coalition. Facebook Page - https://bit.ly/3hRrIMC Facebook Group- https://bit.ly/3fOX7NI Meetup Group - https://bit.ly/3hV6VaP Instagram - www.instagram.com/professionalunite/ MUST RSVP ON BELOW LINK https://bit.ly/3gNKLpv

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