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What we’re about

This group is for people who don't hike in "mission mode." We don't race to the finish line, we stop and smell the roses. This is a great opportunity for people who like to soak in the moment, who want to pause to ID plants, pick up rocks, listen to birdsong, photograph waterfalls, practice mindfulness, or for health reasons just need to take it a bit slower today.

Most of our hikes are short and sweet and/or incorporate lots of pauses for nature appreciation. We take full advantage of full moons, eclipses, meteor showers, sunrises, sunsets, low tides, king tides, bird migrations, whale migrations, wildlife viewing, peak wildflower blooms, prime rockhounding spots, unique natural features and phenomena, nature instruction, guided meditation, gardens and gardening, and weird stuff around Portland.

Membership denotes agreement to:

Always check your email and the event page of the hike you've signed up for to see if there are any last minute changes. Sudden weather developments are often a factor, especially in winter.

Update your RSVP if your plans change. It really matters to others, especially Event Organizers. Be advised: 3 No Shows and you will be asked to find another hiking Meetup.

Get there early. Events start at the time posted, so give yourself plenty of time to find a parking spot, gear up, use the restroom, pay your fee, and be ready to go.

Let us know if you prefer not to have your photograph posted or tagged online. Privacy is important to us, so if you find your image has made it into the photo albums, contact Anna and she will remove it, no questions asked.

Understand that each Event Organizer has their own particular rules in addition to the above and it is up to them to let you know what they are ahead of time. Anna's rules for her events are that you must: be 18 or older, leave all pets at home, be vaccinated for COVID, and pay the posted event fee in cash before the start of the hike.

We really appreciate it. See you out there!

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