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This group is for small-scale content creators (or wannabe content creators) who are interested in digital video production for distribution platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, IG, blogs, etc.


1. Every month, a new project is assigned. It will be something simple that can be filmed in a few hours. The projects will always encourage us to experiment with new styles, techniques and methods.

2. Our first meetup will take place at an ideal location for filming whatever it is the project requires. The meeting will give us an opportunity to work alongside each other; where we can practice our craft, share new tricks, and even collaborate with or be an extra in someone else's video. We should be able to capture all or most of the footage we need for the project during this meetup.

3. We edit our videos at home and get them ready for the second meetup. If we have questions or need help during this part of the process, we can communicate and help each other through the group message board: https://www.meetup.com/Content-Creators-Collective/messages/boards/

4. Our second meeting will give us the opportunity to premiere our videos to the group. We can discuss what we learned, what we'd do differently the next time around, and we can also share critiques that will help us become better storytellers.

(You can skip the 1st and/or 2nd meeting and still participate on projects. Just post your videos on YouTube and share the link with the group!)


- No experience required. You can learn while working on projects and develop your skills as you go.

- Professional equipment is not required. Feel free to use what you have, even if it's just a cell phone. The library where we meet at has a "Creation Station" with green screens, cameras, editing software, and that is all available for free.

- Projects will be easy enough to pull off for creators of all skill levels, but still challenging enough to make it worth our while.

- Perfection is not what we're going for--consistency is. We want to produce entertaining videos every month, and we want to make them as good as possible while still making our deadline.

- This group has no religious or political affiliations. Our projects will avoid anything that has to do with politics / religion / discrimination. That said, members of every religion, race and creed are welcome to participate.

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