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Content Strategy Lausanne is a non-profit meetup where we talk about everything about web copywriting. UX Writer, Product Writer, Content Strategist welcome! If you are just curious about the idea of web writing, you are welcome too.

We share methods, tools, workshops and articles dedicated to web writing in order to make this profession evolve together.

Sponsored by Pilea ( https://pilea.ch/ )

Organised by Isaline Muelhauser (https://www.linkedin.com/in/isaline-muelhauser/)

Please read our code of conduct (https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1gFseqWXo5e8dYTysJT5i68pYLPDc0-2JERwtELJNp2w/edit?usp=sharing).

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[Online] Writing two sides of one transaction

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🔥 Join us for our meetup Content Strategy Lausanne, we welcome Yael Ben-David, UX writer at Fundbox. ⚡Talk: Writing two sides of one transaction Airbnb, eBay, and LinkedIn are two-sided platforms: on one side are users offering something and on the other side are users who want it. Product value depends on bringing both sides together. *Agenda* Thursday February 4th in English 5:30 pm - Introduction by Isaline, host of Content Strategy Lausanne 5:35 pm - Talk by Yael Ben-David, UX writer at Fundbox 6:15 pm Q & A Yael Ben-David, UX writer at Fundbox, will explain the approach, methodology, and tools developed at Fundbox to answer the following questions: - How do you write microcopy that resonates for multiple user segments? - How do you address different pain points all in one interface? - How do you find terminology that sounds natural and garners trust from users who live in two different worlds? - How (and when) do you maintain multiple segment-specific versions? ⚡Our speaker: Yael Ben-David, UX writer at Fundbox Yael is a UX writer based in Tel Aviv who specializes in complex products. She has written for health, finance, and other sectors for products used by more than 100 million people around the world. After a BA in journalism at New York University and MSc and PhD studies in neurobiology at The Hebrew University, Yael discovered her passion for making innovative tech accessible to mass markets through clear, helpful, data-driven microcopy. 🙏 Thank you to our brilliant speaker, Yael Ben-David I’m excited to welcome you!

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