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We Need Personalization! (So Now What?)

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You’ve probably heard your boss, client, or peers mention personalization. Often it is brought up as an imperative that requires immediate attention. Some of you have probably experienced the following rationale for it: “We need personalization because it’s important.” But is it, really?

• How do you legitimately know if you need personalization? Is it just a myth?
• Can it actually be done successfully in an organization that isn’t a large-scale retail company?
• Why as folks with a vested interest in content, should you care?
• Is personalization strategy an aspect of content strategy and what does a content strategist need to know to be prepared?


• Vijay Hanumolu, Analog Devices
• Kevin Nichols, Avenue CX

Vijay and Kevin, two industry leaders who have effectively executed personalization, will show you what you need to know about personalization. They will each present how personalization can help you and how you should approach it from the get-go. The discussion will include real-world examples that they worked on and why these are success stories. They will present a use case on why it is important, but only when done well, and why content strategists should take it seriously.

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