• We Need Personalization! (So Now What?)

    Connective DX

    You’ve probably heard your boss, client, or peers mention personalization. Often it is brought up as an imperative that requires immediate attention. Some of you have probably experienced the following rationale for it: “We need personalization because it’s important.” But is it, really? • How do you legitimately know if you need personalization? Is it just a myth? • Can it actually be done successfully in an organization that isn’t a large-scale retail company? • Why as folks with a vested interest in content, should you care? • Is personalization strategy an aspect of content strategy and what does a content strategist need to know to be prepared? Speakers: • Vijay Hanumolu, Analog Devices • Kevin Nichols, Avenue CX Vijay and Kevin, two industry leaders who have effectively executed personalization, will show you what you need to know about personalization. They will each present how personalization can help you and how you should approach it from the get-go. The discussion will include real-world examples that they worked on and why these are success stories. They will present a use case on why it is important, but only when done well, and why content strategists should take it seriously.

  • Technically Wrong: Sexist Apps, Biased Algorithms, & Other Threats of Toxic Tech

    Well, hello! It's been awhile. We thought it was about time we put something on the calendar! Join CSNE as author, content strategist, and UX consultant Sara Wachter-Boettcher gives a talk based on her new book, Technically Wrong: Sexist Apps, Biased Algorithms, & Other Threats of Toxic Tech—a revealing look at how tech industry biases and blind spots get baked into the digital products we use every day. She’ll discuss where tech has gone wrong, why public backlash is coming (and that’s a good thing), and how designers, UXers and content strategists can be part of the solution. Sara Wachter-Boettcher (http://www.sarawb.com/) is a Philly-based content strategy and user experience expert who has worked on the web since 2005. As the principal of Rare Union (http://www.rareunion.com/), she’s led projects and facilitated workshops for Fortune 100 corporations, education and research institutions, and startups. She is the co-author, with Eric Meyer, of Design for Real Life from A Book Apart, and the author of Content Everywhere from Rosenfeld Media. Technically Wrong (https://www.amazon.com/Technically-Wrong-Digital-Products-Designed/dp/0393634639) (W.W. Norton) is her first mainstream book. A big thanks to Hubspot for graciously hosting this free event! Please register on Eventbrite (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/technically-wrong-sexist-apps-biased-algorithms-other-threats-of-toxic-tech-tickets-38743292230) and join us!

  • How to Talk to Your Boss & Grandboss About Content Strategy

    Fresh Tilled Soil

    When you’re asked by your boss, or your boss’s boss (your grandboss!) to explain content strategy, what do you say? How can you build advocates for content strategy in people whose pay grades eat pay grades like yours for breakfast? This is the situation Amanda Costello found herself in when her great-grandboss asked her to speak to the dean and college leadership. Spoiler alert: Nobody was fired. This talk will give you memorable ways of talking about content strategy that will stick with leadership, even as they navigate their myriad other duties and responsibilities. Build advocacy for content strategy and make sure your voice is heard - even when you're not in the room. Amanda Costello is the lead content strategist at the University of Minnesota's College of Education and Human Development, and an award-winning national conference speaker. She enjoys filling out forms because it feels like taking a test where she knows all of the answers.

  • Speak up! How to write a great conference proposal

    Have you been hesitant to submit a conference proposal? Or are you feeling discouraged after having one rejected? Never fear! Tenessa Gemelke (from Confab Events) and Johanna Bates (from NTEN and NERD Summit) will tell us exactly what conference organizers are looking for. Learn how to: • Write a catchy (but not cutesy) title • Connect with what the audience needs • Set clear expectations about what you'll present • Stand out in a crowd of other smart submissions Be helpful. Some proposals work so hard to be clever or distinct that they fail to be clear. What main points will you highlight? What will the audience learn? Help both the conference review team and the attendees by making it clear what they can expect from you. Be honest. Why are you submitting this talk? Is it a poorly-veiled showcase for your services as a vendor? Is your boss making you do it? Are you just trying to score a free ticket? If you can't drum up any real enthusiasm about how your topic will benefit the audience, that's a problem. Be memorable. Once you've covered the other bases, show a little personality. You don't have to impress me by being hilarious, but I should be able to remember your talk even after I've read 100 other proposals. Be brave. Assert your authority! Convince me you belong on that stage in front of a roomful of people—and that may mean you need to convince yourself first. ---- Please note! Although a portion of this discussion will be focused on content strategy talks, it will also be incredibly useful for anyone wanting to speak at any technology conference, whether focused on content, marketing, programming, or more. Bring your friends!

  • Content Happy Hour

    Harpoon Brewery

    Want to talk content and share CMS woes over a pint of IPA? Join us Dec. 2 at Boston’s Harpoon Brewery for a Content Happy Hour meetup — and brewery tour! With so many content professionals convening in Boston for the Gilbane Conference in December, we thought it marked a good excuse to get together and talk CMS, digital and all things content. Over beers of course. Join ISITE Design, in partnership with Content Strategy New England, the CMS Mythbusters and a tribe of smart content and technology folks at Harpoon Brewery in Boston’s lively Seaport District. Brews, light snacks, and a tour of the Brewery will complement the CMS conversation. Space will be limited, so be sure to reserve your spot soon here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/content-happy-hour-harpoon-brewery-tickets-14291318719

  • Wait what? How to Enhance your Responsive Process with Content Questions

    Join content strategist Eileen Webb (http://twitter.com/webmeadow) to talk about integrating content questions into your development process when the team or budget size doesn't allow for a full-time content strategist. -- Many of the challenges that come from building a responsive site are based not in the technical implementation, but in the content. All your copy is now readable on a small screen, but is it useful there? Is it still serving the site and business goals? Who's actually going to write those blog posts? We’ll talk about some approaches that content strategists use to figure out how (and if!) content should be displayed on your site, whether you’re dealing with a heavy archive of articles or a nimble webapp. We’ll explore techniques and questions you can integrate into your workflow that will help you and your client think through the long-term content needs and goals of a new site. This talk is geared towards developers and designers, or anyone working on the web who wants to dip their toes into strategic waters.

  • Managing the Politics of Content

    Microsoft New England Research & Development Center (NERD)


    Join content strategist Hilary Marsh (https://twitter.com/hilarymarsh/) for an evening of content strategy and content management issues special to nonprofits and associations. One of the pioneers of digital content strategy, Hilary works with organizations like the American Bar Association, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, and CompTIA to put structure and process around their content. She previously served as the managing director of REALTOR.org in Chicago and helped develop the content strategy practice at Sapient during the dotcom bubble.

  • Confab Higher Ed Recap

    Microsoft New England Research & Development Center (NERD)

    Last week, higher ed content strategists from around the country descended on Atlanta for the first annual Confab Higher Ed (http://confabevents.com/events/higher-ed-2013) — a content strategy conference dedicated to higher education. The conference may be over, but not to worry, because we’re bringing back a recap! Join CSNE and Meet Content (http://meetcontent.com/) for a fast-paced overview of takeaways as several attendees share their perspectives from sessions about transmedia storytelling, managing student-generated content, usability and accessibility, content and web development workflow, analytics and user testing, and a lot more.

  • Design and War: an Evening with Eduardo Ortiz



    What is Design & War? Designer Eduardo Ortiz (https://twitter.com/eduardoortiz) believes passion should drive every interaction of our every day. Passionate empathy is a tenet of clear communication, good design... and a key to waging war. In a talk about design, not about war, Eduardo will ground his experiences during deployment in the work we do as designers and content strategist, in which our mission and responsibilities are to bring passion to the work we do. For more than 10 years, Eduardo Ortiz has been designing solutions to problems--problems that haven't always been digital and haven't always been thought of as being "designed." He hates cataloging himself as a "____ Designer" and would rather be referred to as a Designer, period, though over the past year he couldn't be called that. He was serving in the United States Marine Corps and deployed to Afghanistan. Now, he's looking to regain his title. Many thanks to Mad*Pow (http://madpow.com) for hosting Content Strategy New England!

  • Lean UX and CS: an evening with Jeff Gothelf

    Mass Ave Tavern

    Agile and Lean UX pioneer, product designer, and author Jeff Gothelf will be joining Content Strategy New England over beer and bites this week to talk about the role of content strategy in Lean UX and to answer your questions. Jeff will share his thinking on collaborative teams, integrating Agile, and the cultural implications, drawing on the recent release of Lean UX: Applying Lean Principles to User Experience (O'Reilly 2013). Come thirsty and curious--and ready to win a copy of the book! Jeff Gothelf has spent a 15 year career as an agile product designer, team leader, blogger and teacher. He is one of the leading voices on the topic of Agile UX and Lean UX. In addition, Jeff is the author of the O’Reilly book (2013), Lean UX: Applying lean principles to improve user experience ( http://www.leanuxbook.com ). He is a highly sought-after international speaker and workshop leader. Jeff has led cross-functional product design teams at TheLadders, Publicis Modem, WebTrends, Fidelity, and AOL. In 2012, Jeff launched Proof, a product design and innovation studio that combines lean processes with strategy, design and technology that has since been acquired by Neo.com where he is now Managing Director. A big thank you to our friends at ISITE Design (http://www.isitedesign.com/) who are sponsoring this meetup and treating us to a round of drinks!