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The CONTEST PREP CO-OP features workouts, informative meetings, and social gatherings for those interested in Fitness, Figure, and/or Bikini pageants/competitions. These competitions are held by organizations such as Fitness Universe Pageant, the National Physique Committee (and the associated IFBB "Fitness Olympia"), Tri-Fitness, WBFF, as well as several others.

There are contests for women & men; teens, adults (Novice, Open, Over Age 35, Over Age 45+ divisions). We welcome all levels to our Meetup - beginner to experienced.

-Dr. Venus

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Metabolic-Con 2019 - Optimize Your Metabolism

Metabolic-Con Website

Introducing... Metabolic-Con 2019! For 7 WHOLE days, I'm bringing you interviews and presentations with 24 industry experts who have tons of valuable advice to share with you all about how to optimize your metabolism! Why the focus on metabolism? Well...ever wonder why you've had trouble losing those last few pounds? Or why everyone and everything around you seem to just go-go-go as you struggle to keep up? Do certain things seem to be getting harder to do as the years go by? Maybe you've even thought, "Must be my metabolism. It's just slowing down." Your metabolism is actually the sum total of everything going on in your body - the cellular functions, the chemical processes, - all the stuff that goes into creating the energy to keep you living. So if you don't prime your metabolism to keep things humming along nicely...well, it makes it pretty darn difficult to achieve things like losing weight or boosting your energy levels. We're going to be talking all about hormonal fixes, exercise protocols, nutritional strategies, and much, MUCH more! We're also featuring some pretty big names in the health and wellness industry (aside from yours truly, of course...lol), including: -Dr. Anna Cabeca, OB/GYN and women's health expert. -Donovan Green, personal trainer to Dr. Oz. -Dr. Keesha Ewers, integrative medicine expert. -and so many more! So join us for METABOLIC-CON: Optimize Your Metabolism To Torch Excess Body Fat And Supercharge Your Energy Levels. This is an event you're not going to want to miss! Afraid you can't "be there?" Don't worry! Metabolic-Con 2019 is a FREE online conference! You don't have to travel. I'm bringing the speakers to you! They'll be broadcast over the web, so you can watch from the comfort of home. And yes. You read that right. It's FREE. Yes, really! You can watch every interview and presentation for a full 48 hours after it goes live. So what are you waiting for? Join me and 24 other experts at Metabolic-Con 2019. Grab your FREE ticket today at MetabolicCon.com Stay Fit! Be Happy! Dr. Venus

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Awaken Your Senses! A Costa Rican Adventure Quest

San Jose (Juan Santamaría International Airport)

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