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This group is for people who love to dance, listen to live music, get plenty of exercise, and make new friends! Typically we get about 60-80 people per dance night.

This is a great place for beginning dancers to explore new fun and experienced dancers new to Contra Dance (American Folk Music) and of course returning contra dancers. No experience necessary!

Basically, we dance to live music which can have a wide range of instruments depending on the band. Some of the typical instruments in our bands include a fiddle, guitar, banjo, flute, keyboard and mandolin. Other non-traditional instruments like the bombard, bagpipes and accordian are also played!

At the beginning of each dance night, there is a 30 minute lesson which covers all the basic steps that will be called throughout the evening. The caller for the evening does a 5 minute 'walk through' before each dance. Once you get the steps to the dance, the pattern just repeats itself. Easy!

By the way, it is perfectly ok to go to the dance by yourself. You do not need to bring a date, significant other, or even a dance partner to enjoy the evening. Many people come solo!

RECOMMENDED ATTIRE: Smooth-soled shoes, lightweight clothing and/or change of shirt - you might work up a sweat!

Let's Dance!

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Post Contra Dances, + More New Ways To Get Involved w/this Awesome Community!

Hi everyone, our Contra Dance meetup site is not being deleted, but instead hosted now by the LA/ So Cal Contra Dance Community! This means anyone w/a Contra Dance in Pasadena, Eastern LA County, & surrounding areas -- is now welcome to post their dance: You’ll be hearing about some fun dances, like the free Outdoor Daytime Contra Dance ( soon a series 1 Sat or Sun monthly 2pm, + 1 Wed. monthly 12pm !); the American Legion Hall Square/Contra/Circle Dance, etc... Plus -- The free, monthly Contra Dance Community Gatherings: Some are holiday parties, but more often they are: Gatherings for Contradancers to connect outside of Contra Dances & meet Contradancers who share your hobbies/interests; + at the same time interest new people in Contra Dance, as these each of these gatherings is a collaboration btw the Contra Dance Community & ‘special interest’ communities: Examples: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Cooking, Hiking, Art, Therapeutic Massage, Science, Games, etc… ____________________________________ *** If you weren’t allowed to post your Contra Dance on this site in the past, just follow the steps below to post your dance: a). Join the LA / So Cal Contra Dance Community List: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/LAcontradancers/info This is the longest running list for the LA / So Cal Contra Dance community; & the only list in the LA/ So Cal that regularly posts, & welcomes *all* Contra Dances to be posted. b). Post your dance to the LAcontradancers list above, to confirm to the whole community --that your dance is officially happening, that you are indeed offering Contra Dance, who you are, + that you’re supportive of all Contra Dances in the LA / So Cal area. ~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~ Ways Your Dance Will Be Posted On Meetup: 1). If your dance is an ongoing series that happens regularly (same day/time monthly, or quarterly); then we’ll set up an automatic post of your dance on meetup. 2). If your dance happens periodically … but doesn’t repeat on same day/time/monthly-quarterly; then we’ll post it as an ‘undated’ meetup: People interested in your dance can RSVP, & you can keep them updated by posting comments on that meetup page. 3). If your dance is: -- a 1-time event; OR --you can’t guarantee it’ll be a regular series ( i.e. you haven’t leased a space for several dances & booked callers/bands for several dances);-- then email it to the LAcontradancers list & from there moderators will email it to members of this meetup site). 4). For West LA Contra Dances you'll be posted here: http://www.meetup.com/Contra-Dances-in-Brentwood-Los-Angeles __________________________________________ This is a volunteer effort, so we use the system above which has reliably kept things simple & low-maintenance enough for us to dependably support the community & keep things going! If you wish us to click you in as an event host or organizer on this meetup site to post your Contra Dances or Contra Dance Community events, you need to 1st regularly attend & volunteer for the Contra Dance Community Gatherings over several of months; so we can be sure you support all Contra Dances in the LA/ So Cal area, & are devoted to a politic & competition free environment -- which is the heart of the awesome Contra Dance community! ________________________ Best wishes, ~Diana, (310)[masked]: Feel free to call me w/questions or suggestions. *** My phone does not accept text msgs, but you’re welcome to leave voicemail 24 hours. You do need to call me w/questions, not msg or email me; --that’s another way of keeping things low-maintenance enough for me to organize, --as I host & organizer many events, lists & sites for this community. Thank you & look forward to celebrating life w/you on the dance floor & off!

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