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English Country Dancing and Join the World of Jane Austen
Imagine dancing like Elizabeth Bennet, or Mr. Darcy. Or like Jane Austen herself, who loved the "Country Dance" of her day. We'll teach anyone with any or no experience dances that can be traced all the way back to the 17th century. We'll teach other dances written last year, "in the historical style." Some of our dances are energetic, like in the 2005 film version of Pride and Prejudice, others are elegant, like in the 1995 BBC version. Many are both at once! No need to bring a partner, and wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Come to dance, to socialize, and no doubt to prepare for our next Winter Dreams Ball ( in February 2019. It'll be a doozy!

First Presbyterian Church

21 East Constance Avenue · Santa Barbara, CA


What we're about

Our dances were not started on Meetup. So you won't see very high RSVP counts since most people attend without RSVPing on Meetup.

1 of 2: Contra Dancing

You love live music, to move to it, to get exercise, to make friends.

Typically 60 to 90 of us are dancing each Sunday. This is a great place for non-dancers to explore a new kind of fun, for experienced dancers new to contra dance, and of course returning contra dancers. No experience necessary!

Our live music includes all kinds of instruments depending on the band. Typical instruments include fiddle, guitar, piano, mandolin, accordion, flute.

We offer a 20-minute orientation lesson before each dance where you'll learn the basic structure of a contra dance and the most common figures. The caller teaches the sequence for each dance before the music starts, and then prompts the figures for a while. The dances are about 30 seconds but then the sequence repeats several more times, and each time you meet another pair of dancers. How sociable!

It's perfectly okay to come to the dance by yourself. Everybody asks everybody to dance.

What to wear: comfortable, smooth-sole (if possible) shoes, lightweight clothing or layers when it's cold. Maybe bring an extra shirt in case you work up a sweat...Let's Dance!

2 of 2: English Country Dancing

The Grandparent of contra dancing, English Country Dancing appeals to your love of variety, excitement, elegance, energy, and even a bit of challenge. Come with friends or come by yourself. Everyone dances.

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